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  1. :/ Anyway... Here's a BF3 inspired Spawn Beacon I started a few days back. I have lots of details left and the design isn't exactly like DICE's.
  2. Pretty disappointing news. I don't see the point if doing this apart from being free from publishers...
  3. The reference is all green though... Except the rust and the other miscolored parts, which I already got in there. Not sure if more colors would make any sense.
  4. Texture update. Started on the top piece. Not quite sure if I like the rust. If anything I think it needs to be more subtle. Also threw a temporary spec on it. @knj: Interesting. I'll try that! EDIT: Copy/paste from CryDev: I'm gonna call this finished. Want to move on to something else. There's a lot more material tweaks to be done, and the green turned out too saturated and bright, but this will do for now. I don't have a gloss map so I might do that later... And the material really needs to be setup specifically for the scene it's in, because the environment map on trashbag itself looks really weird if there's no light around it. Whenever there's light, it looks fine, but if there's no light the env map shines really bad... And that makes no sense. :cheesy: C&C welcome as always. (: Also rendered out a picture from Marmoset Toolbag. I just downloaded the trial version of the software so I'm haven't tried all that much yet. But everything seems pretty straightforward, certainly awesome to play around with.
  5. It's when people post stuff like that I don't want to showcase my own work... >.> Looks awesome though. I made the holes on my trashbin bigger, as suggested. I have to figure out a way to fill the holes with black... My PS skills aren't really anything to brag of. Oh, and you can see the normal map on the actual trash bag doing its work now. I'm fairly happy with it actually.
  6. Yeah, I actually said on CryDev that I'm considering redoing the holes. It's a pain to have come so far and then realize that you want to change something. ^^
  7. I started working on a really beat-up trashbin that I saw here in Stockholm. As you can see, just textured the two middle parts so far. Some feedback would appreaciated. (: No spec yet.
  8. Very good idea, I'll try that. Can't believe I didn't think of references myself... I still feel it's hard to get the desired look. Oh well. Thanks for the link. I'm using Mudbox and Maya though...
  9. That's what I've been looking at... Maybe I just suck.
  10. Hey, guys! Need some pointers... Trying to make a rock model in Mudbox but I'm never really happy with the result. Can someone point me in the right direction for creating them? In terms of brushes, settings etc. Thanks! Here's what I got so far.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. Here's an overview of the area, with vegetation turned off. Some brushes aren't showing because of their view distance.
  12. I always get that crit. Is that the goal of every pic you take of a map? Making that area I had two paths in mind: The trenches or by the sandbags, both to provide a good amount of cover, but walking by the sandbags you can return fire easier but obviously more in the open to enemy fire. Area of interest should be the huge dome in the back... I don't really understand your drawing either. I try to design the map like Crytek designed Crysis, not trying to make a CoD level. Also it kinda feels like Devs are trying to hold the player's hand all throughout the game nowadays. Is it so bad with a moment of actual thinking on your own - "Hm, where am I supposed to go now?"
  13. A screencap of my Crysis 1 map. Some feedback would be highly appreciated. (:
  14. What's the difference between using 3 and 1? I always use 1 to get the displayinfo back, never used 3. Looking very nice, btw! Looking forward to seeing the final result.
  15. Thanks. Actually it is my harbor map. It's a 4096x4096 heightmap, so it's pretty big. Trying to fit a fair amount of different environments in there for variation. Thanks for the crit, I'll see what I can do! What kind of vegetation do you think would fit? (: EDIT: New screenshot.
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