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    Occupation? Good question, is Drug Smuggler an occupation? :P Just kidding, I own a discotheque -_^
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    Earth, Solar System, Milkyway ^_^
  1. And hop! Download in progresss :bananawrench:
  2. I know it is old, and mappers don't create anymore levels under the GoldSrc. It is just to present myself at this community. This level is the last one under that engine and i will start my adventure under Source or UT, so i hope you will help me in future Whatever this is my last creation under the "GoldSrc Engine" (i am nostalgic iu know ) Well here it is the official trailer of the map:
  3. comatrix

    KotH_Switcheroo Beta 4

    Great work. I have only one deception on TF2: all maps are similar, you see one you saw them all. Same kind of environment, same kind of feeling, same kind of textures and so on.... I'm not saying that are not good levels to play and enjoy, i'm just sad to see many similar environments
  4. Merry Xmas to everybody :wink:
  5. comatrix


    Good God! Even here you are :party: Remember about TF2 and your slapping moments :roll: ...yours...ehm mines :roll:
  6. comatrix


    Thanks for your replies. Pericolos0 who made the map de_plaka? Jesus what kind of users you have here Just only proud to be a member :wink: By the way my last map to say Goodbye to the HL1 engine, map for Day of Defeat 1.3, a small video, to present myself showing my small abilities: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw7fsmZJLAU It is a little bit long because the map is huge, but watch it until the end if you wish i hope you will appreciate I hope to be able to create similar environnements on Source Engine as well with your help.
  7. comatrix


    Just a simple first post on this forum to say hello to everyone. I'm a Goldsrc expert mapper who's trying to upgrade on Source Engine. I hope you will be patient with me meanwhile i learn, and i hope you will help me if needed, most of all if i ask stupid questions because for you it is simple, normal you are already expert. i will do the same if i can with my small experience. Comatrix
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