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    Chimeray got a reaction from xfckup in New PlayStation Store   
    Are you for real? There's almost nothing left to squeeze out of the consoles. Sure, you can hack your stuff to make it run but I can't wait until the new consoles are out. Shit is getting super outdated, they're definitely catching their last breath. (I'd argue the PS3 even more so tbh)
    I guess Sony did a great job marketing their revolutionary Cell processor back in the day and that notion stuck up to this day...
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    Chimeray reacted to iwxanthi in cs_compound_gc (cs:go)   
    I was really missing this map in CS:GO so I decided to do a remake and directly improve some balancing issues the original has by adding new routes. To explain the GC thing it stands for gameconnect.net our gaming community. We decided to rename it not long after the internal beta to connect it to our community

    Anyway screens and download links:


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    Chimeray reacted to orihaus in AEON [First-Person Indie Horror]   
    Uploaded a sort of motion screenshot to Youtube:

    Fullscreen and 1080p recommended! Anything you think needs improving?
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    Chimeray reacted to Thrik in Post ideas/feedback about new forums here   
    It's hard enough maintaining customisations and features with a single theme, so there's no plan for additional themes at this time. This is just a foundation however, so there are certainly going to be changes as time goes on and specific issues are brought up. Refinements already on the list:
    Potential rethink of how forums are shown on the home page, so instead of being a conventional long list they could be shown side by side (at least on larger screens)
    Toggle to hide sidebar
    More sidebar content to increase usefulness (latest comments, statuses, etc)

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    Chimeray reacted to Fuzyhead in Mathis Widrat - Environment Artist   
    Hey everyone !
    Finally I would like to present my portfolio at mapcore:


    Most images are from maps I've finished over the last years, but I'm going to update my portfolio with much more 3d content during the next months.
    Currently I'm studying Game Design in Berlin and looking for an 6 month internship starting in April 2013.
    Also I would like to get some feedback about my portfolio - what can I fix, add, remove and so on.

    Please feel free to criticise and comment.

    Thank you for reading !
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