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  1. Thanks, even if for me it has been a while already. I have been there since 4 years now.
  2. It has been a while since I visited Mapcore, however now I can be part of the list ! So maybe it's time you guys add an "Allegorithmic" section.... (You can add me as a Technical Artist / Product Designer.) By the way, Kikette is also working at Allegorithmic now (as a Technical Artist I believe). (Geoffrey “Kikette” Rosin)
  3. I loved Quantum Break, so definitely looking forward to this one. Really hooked on the setting !
  4. Froyok

    Smoothing groups

  5. Froyok

    Smoothing groups

    Yeah, you should smooth your normals.
  6. Hey guys, I'm back from the deads with a new script ! This time it's a free retopology tool, quick and eays to use ! Download and manual : http://www.froyok.fr/blog/2013-06-maya-froretopo-3-4-a-fast-and-easy-retopology-script I'm open to any feedbacks !
  7. I remember that's exactly the part I lost interest and stopped playing FC completely Personally, I enabled the god mode because... well.... it was way too hard.
  8. Personally : any QTE in any game. It's even worse if they are random (Hello Assassin's Creed III). It's even, even worse if you can't predic them, like when you rest during a cinematic and BOOM, a QTE kills you... during a cinematic. Currently, the only good QTE I saw was in Prince of persia : the two thrones. The QTE is related to an action key which is itself related to the weapon that you use. Also, the QTE is launched by you, not by the game (it's a QTE used to eliminate quickly a guard without fighting). Exemple (at 5:45) : http://youtu.be/dAQPxFryQGc?t=5m43s (This is the tutorial, so
  9. The cvars of Crysis 3 are pretty much the same as for Crysis 2. At least for changing the FOV. By the way Crytek released a little tool to tweak the game : http://secure.mycrysis.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=56955&sid=93025864941055320b362ca1f70c61ce
  10. Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it ! I will, I really liked the progress in Revelations, and in AC III too (I still have to finish this one by the way).
  11. Ok, I was curious. You choose UT3 for the gameplay then ?
  12. Very nice ! I never been a fan of those patterns, but the conditions of the mangaka (manga's authors) its totally understandable. They have a very limited time to produce their chapter. Personally I prefer hatching manually. However I should try them one day. Is it hard to use ?
  13. The following breakdown is based on my own guesses and how I understand the game from the textures and meshes I have watched. I can't tell you exactly if I'm right or wrong since I'm not a developer of the game. However, I believe I'm rational enough to think that most of what I say is close to what the developers have done. The purpose of this breakdown is educational and the work presented here belongs to its respective authors. Anvil engine The Anvil Engine is a proprietary game engine used by Ubisoft's game projects for a few years now (the first game using it came out in 2
  14. Say whatever you want... I will see and enjoy this movie. I'm 100% sure.
  15. With custom micro-transactions and goodies maybe. That could be really cool.
  16. Damn, that game is awesome. It's like drugs for me ! I have almost finished it in Nephilim (the maximum difficulty level you have at start) and for someone who never play this type of game (like me) it's a very good introduction. Some screenshots while I was fighting :
  17. So, nobody waiting/playing it ? I'm waiting the unlock on Steam (since the PC version is dated for the 25 January). On console it's already out. So here is the launch trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIIpKfNWrpk
  18. In a portfolio maybe not, but on the side on a personal blog it could be interesting. But this kind of work is very personal I think.
  19. Froyok

    Dragons: wild skies

    I bump this because it's magnificent ! <3
  20. Superb ! I'm sharing it too !
  21. Froyok


    That's funny to quote myself after one year ! Finally I consult my G+ everyday : adding 300+ people from Polycount help a lot to have some news.
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