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  1. After 3 years of developing, we are proud to finally present you: DNIEPR - Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign [Cinematic Trailer]: This campaign takes place in real places along with imaginary places from Prypiat, the town where workers and engineers employed at the power station of Chernobyl had been living. Dniepr: Life is not a Bed of Roses is divided in 4 acts and includes more than 200 original models as well as 400 original textures specially developed for this occasion. It will allow gamers to discover the game from a new angle. Playable in Cooperation mode, Versus mode and Survival mode and it will be available on May the 20th 2013. To give you a sneak-peek of our work, here is the latest trailer which has been online since last tuesday: RELEASE DATE: 20/05/2013 l4dmaps page: http://www.l4dmaps.c...s.php?file=7621 For more information, you can go on our website: http://www.elseware-...ence.com/dniepr Find us also on: Facebook: https://www.facebook...114704835237301 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DnieprMod Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dnieprmod Modb: http://www.modb.com/mods/dniepr Dniepr's team!
  2. Hi all. You can see some screenshots from the last Dniepr Level! This level is [Work In Progress]! Don't Hesitate to comment!! thanks.
  3. bendix8

    [L4D] Warm Welcoming

    @Evert & 3Dnj: Thanks you guys! Some news screens about this level: Don't hesitate to comments!
  4. bendix8

    [L4D] Warm Welcoming

    Hi! We are working on Dniepr a Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 Campaign. This is the Chapter #03: Warm Welcoming made by Ankou. (i worked on this chapter too) We take any comment!
  5. The Dniepr ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK by mael Vignaux is finished. You can now listen to three short parts of the six compositions recorded in the Dniepr MEDIA page of the site. The sound design is being developed and is already well advanced. Enjoy a very complete and original soundscape during the different chapters of our campaign. The chapter #02: Waters Of The Dniepr is 95% done! Still few architecture and textures modification are in progress, but it won't take long. The development team hopes you enjoy those screens, don't hesitate to comment ! Don't forget to follow us on social network, this is full of informations and updates!
  6. New screens of Chapter # 02: Waters Of The Dniepr have been added to the gallery. Do not forget that the level is still under development, which mean the images are subject to change in the final version. This section of the Chapter is demanding a great number of brand new new props and textures,since it has a completely visual atmosphere that contrast with the first chapter in the mall,which is still under construction. The atmosphere is slowly starting to creep into the game, but there is still a lot of work left. Those images have also received changes in Post Production to add the picturesque effect. Here's hoping that these images pleases you. Have a nice Week ! Remember that you can follow us on various social networks if you desire. Using those, you will be notified once there is an new update or news about Dniepr among other things!
  7. Hi Guys. We changed hosting for our web sites so the images were not available. New images are in lines. The level was hugely optimized for lighter configurations. Post-production was performed on the images. Changes in the texturing were also made. Good Week-End! ! Remember to follow us on various social networks if desired. You will be notified once there is an update or news about Dniepr and many other things! Official Website: http://www.elseware-experience.com/dniepr
  8. thanks a lot for all your feedbacks! I'm working again on Dniepr. Some news comming soon.
  9. I updated my portfolio with Somewhere 2.0. The short film is available on Vimeo and a making-of too! http://www.elseware-experience.com/beno ... here2.html
  10. http://www.benoitdereau.com Name: Benoît "Bendix8" Dereau Location: FR Age: 21 Status: Available to work. Somewhere 2.0: More screens & Video here... Dniepr: More screens & Video here... Logistique: More screens & Video here...
  11. A small work in progress: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dnieprmod#p/u/0/T41JUC2xwD4
  12. Status: Work In Progress ~90% Custom Content Screenshots updated. We Need feedbacks! Don't hesitate to post a comment about our work! All comments will be read and considered. Website: http://www.logistiquemod.com/dniepr
  13. Chapter #02: Waters Of The Dniepr: Status: Work In Progress ~90% Custom Content We Need feedbacks! Don't hesitate to post a comment about our work! All comments will be read and considered. Website: http://www.logistiquemod.com/dniepr
  14. It has been a while since we last gave any concrete information about the development of the campaign. Rest assured, we are working more than ever on the mod creation. Development of chapter #02: Waters of The Dniepr began a month ago, has shown by the images below. The chapter Scenario have also been released on Dniepr Website. Please also note that the scenario of the others levels have also been posted. Even with a slight delay in the the development of chapter #03: Warm Welcoming due to a series of bugs, the level is nearing his finalization. A few screen shots are online to support the ambiance found in the chapter. And now for the big news, A first trailer of the mod has just been released for you all. We hope you will like it and ,we are sorry but we will not give any more information on the nature of it's content. The video is available on our Youtube channel and can be downloaded on our site. TRAILER 01: If you want to help us in our work, download our files at Fileserv Storage. We have also done our first interview with the staff of L4DFrance, who we thank enormously for this.Please don't hesitate to read it. [FR]INTERVIEW L4DFRANCE: http://www.l4dfrance.fr/content/dniepr- ... e-du-froid
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