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  1. Does anyone have a update on image upload to wifi connections features for spot ads? it was explained as google images + wifi
  2. Rescue the princess. Luminarium was developed using isosurface libraries on a modified GoldSrc engine called Luminarium. Developed by Tiphsah a non-profit product developer for games using "O-engine". Players must rescue the princess of many worlds.
  3. Not sure where to post this. Super Smash Bros style Proof of Concept
  4. Adolph-Hugh

    Project CRN447

    CRN447 is a Educational Multiplayer only game at its core. Revolving around esports mechanics and aimed at AAA quality hand painted game art. Its set on a space colony in an asteroid belt orbiting a solar system.
  5. Adolph-Hugh

    Project CRN447

    Haha yea! Colin Bear is a classic. He also is working on a project so quick plug to the Colin's Bear creator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stsah9wHrS0 He has 12 days to go.Check him out But as goes for my project! I'll update when its more aesthetically pleasing. Thanks for the encouragement guys!
  6. Adolph-Hugh

    Project CRN447

    This concept art is amazing. Yes its pretty cool it was for another version which turned into another project seemingly but its seen here: In the end I realized the scope for that project needs to be put on the backburner. Then I turned focus and went on to the project seen earlier in this thread. I'll keep you guys posted after a for sure art style is in place and mechanics are much closer
  7. Adolph-Hugh

    Project CRN447

    The same category as Mario 3d World which was just released. The box guy will be replaced in alpha stage!
  8. Adolph-Hugh

    Project CRN447

  9. Adolph-Hugh

    Project CRN447

    Team: Hugh Bowen ProxyGreen Max Power Honorary Team: Dennis Bjork What is? CRN447 is a Multiplayer only game at its core. Its set on a space colony in an asteroid belt orbiting a solar system. Using traditional isometric style mechanics this title is heavily inspired by NeoTokyo(SourceMod),Homeworld 2,and Mario 64. What else? The focus of this title is not only to provide a multiplayer experience but to experiment in a business model that allows players to earn real world income based on wins called Play to Pay using age of techniques in a new industry.Not focusing on activity based but skill through merit based activity
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