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  1. The car stuff was tolerable if you switched over to a 360 controller. Kind of a shame, really. You'd think a studio that was built on PC gaming would know how to make vehicle controls for a PC game. Then again, steering with the mouse and accelerating/decelerating with W/S just might have been too mundane of a control scheme.
  2. I think humanity didn't do a good job of proving it deserve to be saved, but Ellie certainly did.
  3. Kind of surprised this hasn't had more hype. For those unaware, Chris Roberts is the creator of Wing Commander, Privateer, and Freelancer. Squadron 42 is a single-player campaign ala Wing Commander, and Star Citizen is a coop/PvP/MMO style version of Privateer. They're up to $14M in crowd funding at this point with no signs of slowing down. Love seeing such an amazing visionary make such a strong comeback!
  4. One would think the rabid XCOM fanbase would now be OK with this since we got our turn-based strategy version of the game. Haters gonna hate, I guess.
  5. So not to complain, but what happened to this level from the E3 demo? I recognize bits from it, but was disappointed it didn't make it into the final game, because it looked like the most amazing level ever made in videogame history and sold me on the game instantly.
  6. There was a Voxophone recording that talked about the pressure thing. Rapture was a much "scarier" environment that assaulted you from the beginning, whilst Columbia gradually decayed. Survival horror-style atmosphere will always draw you in more since you're subconsciously taking more of it in.
  7. It runs Crysis 3 at near max settings at 1080p. My two year old rig seems to be holding up well. As for Kotaku, it amuses me. As does RPS, Destructoid, and Gamasutra. Deal with it.
  8. Thought this thread was about a sequel to Primal Rage.
  9. No eye strain after a full playthrough of Crysis 3. I do naturally find myself leaning back in my chair instead of hunched over like with my old 23" monitor on the right in that picture, so my posture improves too!
  10. Happiness is a 47" monitor that was on super sale at tax refund time.
  11. Probably, but I doubt Timegate can. See Section 8 and the original Fear expansions.
  12. 1) XCOM 2) FTL Games are better when they focus on systems rather than Hollywood reject narratives.
  13. What kind of devil voodoo black magic did 343 work to get hi-res textures into an Xbox 360 game?
  14. This is really great news. I'm really hoping Firaxis goes the Civilzation route with any planned updates/expansions to XCOM (i.e. expanding on the existing gameplay versus adding more narrated content).
  15. Beat the game on Classic without Ironman. Tried to max everything out, so that was about 40 hours of playtime. Got my ass handed to me once again trying to do Ironman Classic last night. Maybe I should go up to Impossible so that Classic feels forgiving.
  16. Been on a bizarro Indie kick lately while waiting for XCOM to release. FTL - what a terrific game that proves all you need in a game is a network of well-designed systems. More AAA studios should put this kind of work into establishing a solid framework of gameplay and layer on the eye-fucking graphics/set pieces and shitty B-movie storylines instead of making them the main focus in the development process. Binding of Isaac - love the concept, but the controls frustrate the shit out of me Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery - fun little adventure game, but there's way too much pointless backtracking. The fights with the Trigons seem to be the high point of the game so far, even if they are overly drawn out. Lone Survivor - 10x scarier than Dead Space 3 will be. You don't need immersive graphics, audio, and jump scares to pull off survivor horror. It can be pretty frustrating at times with the controls and ability to fuck yourself into a corner though.
  17. Am I the only one who thinks that it's a tragedy that a forum full of so many so-called PC gamers are going anything less than apeshit with excitement over this game coming out next week?
  18. If I had a smokin' hot wife like that and a ridiculous amount of money, I'd leave my job and bang her in every place and location I could before hitting middle age.
  19. You people are giving them grief for charging $25 in a world where new releases are typically $50-$60? What in the hell is wrong with you?
  20. I haven't had a game boner over a demo in ages. Well done, XCOM. Hype levels are already at maximum, and still being fulfilled!
  21. Took 5 minutes to download everything from FileFront. Installing now.
  22. Now that I think about it, I think the pack I bought was $299 because it had 2 Wiimotes, a charger stand, and some other stuff thrown in.
  23. Auto-erotic asphyxiation. How does it get any better?
  24. Pretty sure the Wii was $299 when it was first released.
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