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  1. Best game ever!!!!!!! (at least until Frutti Freak 3 comes out...)
  2. Here's some finished pics of that character, so you can know what she looked like....
  3. Thanks Here's a quick 'director's cut' animation from that project.... I was making animations for this girl character. None of the animations I was making at the time were turning out right, and I started getting frustrated....so I took my frustrations out on the character. This is the result (obviously just a pencil rough):
  4. Me: Mateo Williford Email: (mateowilliford at bingbangstudios dot com) My Company: BingBang Studios What I do: Anything 2D - sprites/textures/logos/concept art - you name it! Specializes in: Character Creation and Animation Looking for: Freelance work (paid only) Thanks, Mateo Stuff below!
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