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  1. Lord Ned

    [TF2] Arena_Draft

    ARENA Draft From Matt "Lord Ned" Hoffman and Ben "Nerdboy" Waters comes: (Extra screenshots in the linked thread, they're 1080p so I don't want to link here without a resize-script on the forum) So there you have it. Leave a post if you're running it on your server or enjoy it. Extra Thanks: Thanks to A Boojum Snark and Seba for help with server-list thumbs. Thanks to Snacks for uncomplicated some displacements. And really thanks to Nerdboy. Even though it's half his map, this guy has just been amazing to work with. I'd close the map in frustration over something and go to bed, and I'd wake up in the morning and Nerdboy would have fixed or detailed or taken care of whatever it was, without me even mentioning it. Full Change log available here!
  2. I believe there's a client command to increase detail draw distance. However there's a per-prop detail sprite overhead and for a super full field like that it might be easier just to leave it as a prop_static. Just know that lod's is probably encouraged.
  3. Too bad the Instancing dialogue is broken as per usual Valve. (You have to type the filename/path by hand instead of using Browse and hitting Ok)
  4. I just saw it, the work and thought they put into the environment was amazing.
  5. I'm going to go see it at IMax in... 2.5 hours. Woo
  6. Hey Swaty that looks grea- stop hijacking my posts please.
  7. I think I'm gonna stick with this lighting.
  8. Just doing a bit of detail on my Alpha in areas that play well. Trying to break up the static world of the roofs by having a multitude of them being perpinicular. I've also tried to break up the skyline and make the buildings more interesting by adding the skybridge. Please don't mind the big white box building . I'm aware that the roof textures are a bit repetative and the endless number of brown airvents is too but Valve seems to get away with it Ok on Lumberyard -- Plus not so many are visible from the ground. Same thing here.
  9. I generally break things down into smaller steps. "Okay this area plays nicely. Let's tear it down, and re-build it into a roughly detailed but 'finished' state." Here's an example: I threw this down in my 'creative layout mode' when I was first blocking out the map. It was crappy, it was rushed. However, it left a trigger there. Eventually I'd get annoyed at how it looked, and I'd re-make it. Re-making it then catapulted my interest. Now it's acceptable. It's no where near final detailed but it makes me feel good about having it in my map, which inspires me to work on my map more (Because I like it now vs the fugly blocking stage). I'll then look at later parts of the map and say "This feels so crappy compared to the start" and that starts me off again with working on it to bring it all up to speed. Another thing: Don't expend all of your energy in one day. I'll often try to go to bed while I still want to work on my project so that it grows overnight. I then wake up dying to work on it. And third: Don't concentrate all on one aspect. This probably applies more to freelance work than paid work but: I'll often like to take breaks to manage the publicity side of things, or to create a new logo or pimp it somewhere else, or make a placeholder model or something. It's just different workflows and difference experiences breaks up the repetition which kills energy. Also last time I looked it was 11am. It's now 4pm. D:
  10. I'm pretty hyped. I saw the first one and loved it (And later learned there was no script!) so I hope this one doesn't have a script either. I think the main bad guy looks a bit like the Prince from Prince of Persia. Can't wait though.
  11. Lord Ned

    3Ds Max 2008

    I'm starting to get ticked at Autodesk for this. None of their maxes are forwards compatible as far as filetype (So I can't open a 2009 file on 2008), and the plugins aren't backwards compatible. I can see why the plugins wouldn't necessarily be compatible, but instead of refusing to run it should at least try... And if I were to try and help multiple people (All on different versions of max since no one has the money to upgrade every year ) you'd need multiple max installs... Argh.
  12. Your cement mixer is all wrong. The chute appears to be built wrong, and it's not big nor fat enough. There's also no controls for controlling the speed of rotation, the angle of the chute, etc. (I've poured concrete once before from a truck.)
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