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  1. They need a bit of love though! Just a few hours left to reach their kickstarter goal! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1420158244/power-drive-2000
  2. ​Exactly. For having tried that version a few years ago, I'm quite glad it got rebooted
  3. Bienvenue Mostly commenting on the presentation rather than the content but I'd personally remove the Accueil section, and land directly on Portfolio (since it's pretty much the same content and will save 1 click) I also think it's mandatory to write your resume and descriptions in english. If you want to keep the french version you can add a button to chose the language but yeah, you're only limiting your options if you make it french only Keep it up!
  4. If you're tight with time, I'd personally take the internship at Eden. A lot of companies take forever to answer and unless you're lucky, 1 month is preeeetty short to get an answer, do an interview (I guess you'd most likely still have to do one) and get everything sorted out. There are also a lot of students out there looking for internships... Eden's a good company, it would be a good experience (especially if you have the opportunity to do something else than last year and see a different side of production) and you'll have the whole time during your internship to look for a proper position for when you're done. It's also good to put on your resume and I don't think it reads badly that you went back to the same place for a second internship. And you never know, that can lead to a job opportunity there if you prove you're worth it. Whether you'd take that or not is another question
  5. I started playing a bit yesterday. Only played for around 2h but man, does that game look nice. Lighting, effects, modeling and materials are spot on and they really have an awesome rendering. The world is coherent and looks gorgeous but... ...that's about all there is to it for me though. Shooting isn't much fun, everything in the LD is laid out for you (random covers in the middle of the street). So far it's been extremely linear (I don't have a problem with linear games but come on, give me a bone sometimes) Only met a couple of Lycans so far but the fight was te-rri-ble: Lycan runs towards you, QTE to avoid, Lycan runs back. Rinse and repeat until you finally shoot it and finish it off with a QTE. All the secondary characters are non-interactable and just stand there, not even looking at you. Really an immersion breaker for me when the world they built is trying to be so realistic. You can pick up random objects and examine them (while them being in your hand) and that looks great. But it has NO purpose since you just put them back afterwards. And I actually don't care for the plot or my actions one bit, I just follow whatever "the voice" tells me, I really don't feel invested in it. But we'll see after I play a couple more hours... I wish they had turned that game into a slow paced detective/investigation game. Scrap half of the environments, story and cutscenes, make it smaller scale but put the money on mechanics and gameplay instead! But again...so (technically) pretty Edit: Oh, and I really couldn't care less about the length personally, I think it's a false debate. If the game was great, I don't think people would complain that much. It's just that for a full price you get a lukewarm experience and all the shortcomings are even more apparent... :/
  6. dkm

    Hitman: Agent 47

    Except it was very action green to me (I did enjoy the movie though! Probably a lot more than I will the new Hitman...)
  7. Yeah, it makes me sad/mad that projects like that keep on stealing the spotlight from a bunch other projects struggling to be funded. Projects that deserve a lot more attention than this (which doesn't have the slightest chance to reach completion anyway) Soon you're gonna tell me that a kickstarter kitten card game can reach 5M$. Oh wait...
  8. Urgh..... Also, the color palette for this movie... "Enough blue? I DON'T THINK SO. COLOR CORRECT MOAR PLZ" So fed up with that...
  9. I will refrain myself from answering sarcastically. Dammit!
  10. Took turns playing with my gf and we finished it in 24h (we took our time but I thought it'd never end...) I've played on ps4 and I gotta say that even if it's not the prettiest game ever, there's definitely some really cool and very pretty scenes (and a few real nail-biting moments. Goddamn Laura...) Some of the environments and storytelling bits are really out there and the game often flirts with awesomeness but when all is said and done I couldn't help but feeling a little robbed by the story... Obviously it's not a game you want to play for its complex story but it wouldn't hurt with a little more of it. I'm not spoiling anything by saying that it was ludicrous and nonsensical at best and that most of the clues and leads they drop throughout the game are pretty much left unsolved and the questions unanswered. I usually like to have to ask myself questions after a game/movie and it generally feels good to have to deduce things by yourself but here, it really feels like they stitched things together and hoped it would work. Well regardless, I had a lot of fun playing through, it's a cool game and a great experience. HP said everything else!
  11. Lucy was horrible. Ho-rri-ble!
  12. There's already a remake for Flashback in the works: Yeah, it was actually released last year and was a pretty poor remake of the 1st game. That's why I wrote *real* There was also a sequel (Fade to black) made on ps1 but it wasn't so great either and was super hard to control as far as I remember!
  13. Some friends of mine did a low budsget scifi short called Memorize a while ago and are now launching a kickstarter for a new project of theirs if you ever feel like you have too much money and can ignore the swenglish...! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jimmyeriksson/mutant-hard-r-sci-fi-adventure-short-film Memorize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfM5Z1t6uWQ
  14. Maybe nostalgia speaking but I'd happily trade HL3 to see *real* Landstalker and Flashback sequels!
  15. Yeah I'm having fun with this too. It's nothing ground-breaking or revolutionary but I'm really enjoying playing it. I have my gripes with it too but I haven't gotten frustrated yet (like I have with Alien a few hours in for example...) and there are some really cool moments in there!
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