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  1. keres

    Batch Sampler

    Probably. I didn't do anything XP-related when building the release version. No gui for now. I'm genuinely disappointed with gui toolkits in general. They all kind of suck.
  2. This is super cool. I think I will probably totally give this a whirl when I get the chance.
  3. keres

    Batch Sampler

    Cool If you ever use this tool to make some really freaking cool textures, I would really, really appreciate it if I could get some pimp shots. I plan on doing a handful of other similar tools in the future.
  4. keres

    Batch Sampler

    Dammit! I forgot to include the silly crt dll. One bit and I'll fix it... Edit: Fixed. Or at least it should be. Please tell me if it works I'm unable to check such a thing on my own computer.
  5. keres

    Batch Sampler

    https://sourceforge....s/batchsampler/ I wrote this little program to help everyone save some time when they're looking to create a grid of randomly sampled tiles from a source image. The idea is that if you have a whole lot of tiles, you don't want to spend all of that time doing a bunch of copy-pasting. It is free to use for whatever purpose, and the source code is also available. I don't have a mac, so right now there is only a win32 version, but nothing is stopping you from porting it PNG, TGA, and JPG are supported. This image pretty much sums it up: ...and with that workflow I made the following material in about 15 minutes this morning:
  6. I made the following texture this morning with the tool I made in just a matter of minutes It's not my best work, but it's definitely something that would have taken me longer than thirty minutes. Now to write a tool that generates a grid of rectangles of arbitrary shades...
  7. You can download it here on sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/batchsampler/ The source code (released under WTFPL, probably the most flexible license ever) is also available if you aren't faint of heart
  8. Absolutely I plan on doing some more work on it today, including adding a little GUI with Qt. I'll see where it can be uploaded after that is done. Edit: Screw Qt. I tried all this morning to get both 4.x and 5.x running with vs2010/2012 and mingw to no avail. Edit again: it's a command line tool. Nothing wrong with that! Windows build is good to go, and I plan on compiling the mac version either late tonight or early tomorrow and then I'll upload it all in one zip.
  9. Well this sort of has to do with texturing I found that when photosampling for tiles, I got a good result by taking a whole bunch of random squares in the image to break up some of the coherent details. This would take a long time for textures with a whole lot of tiles, so I wrote a tool to do all of it for me. You could even use it for bricks (or anything square-like.) This is a good test case: (clearly not a production texture, just as a test)
  10. @AtsEst, it looks beautiful! Great job!
  11. Thanks Chris! I'm probably going to downsize it to a 512px base diffuse and have a detail map of 256px or so. Bonus points for putting the specular in one of the channels instead of using an alpha, too. It's weird, because I am a programmer, but my art workflow is still pretty primitive like for Id Tech 3.
  12. Here is a slow one I did today. I feel like I'm getting rusty... but then again my head was killing me. (Now edited, I'm a little happier.) Edit: I've made quite a few changes to this and will post the revised version later. It looks better, trust me! Edit2: Revisions done. Two pics now! Sorry the photos are a bit obnoxiously large... Does it really bother anyone?
  13. keres

    Froyok's concept thread

    Looks great! I'm certainly not amazing at drawing or painting, but one thing that quite a few artists that I know have stressed is to keep canvas-rotating to a minimum, as they claim you could one day be working on a piece of art that you cannot turn upside down very easily. Evidently it also improves overall line integrity. You have probably heard this many times, though. Do you ever do 100% digital drawings, or much prefer scanning then touching up? How much faster is the video than real time?
  14. Decent for a first attempt, I guess, but to be honest I don't really know what it is.
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