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  1. Even making vanilla SC2 maps is valid I think, its an incredibly complex and deep game and to make a truly good map takes a lot of understanding.
  2. Already played it, wasn't impressed to be honest. Might have been an ok title on console but it was pretty bad on PC. The time-shifting stuff with the puzzles were really cool in places, had a couple of real "AH-HA" moments, but that was it really.
  3. mark.sneddon -AT- creative-assembly.com
  4. Horsham is pretty quiet, its a fairly small town but with a big town centre with a lot of shops. A lot of people live in Brighton which is about a 45-1hr commute away, but ... its Brighton so lots of cool stuff happening all the time and its party central. If you want me to send your CV over, I'd recommend doing it quickly. After the Alien "announce" we received about 80 cv's in a day. I already have a bunch of art resume's and folios to forward on monday so get in quick!
  5. Colonial Marines is a separate project entirely, nowt to do with us. And you know I can't Vilham it looks exciting though, Sega seem to be backing CA to the hilt on this one, massive investment in infrastructure and hiring some big guns to get this done. We're actually hiring for quite a few positions at the moment aswell: Lighting Artist Senior Designer Senior / 3D Environment Artist Senior / 3D Character Artist Game Designer Level Designer FX Artist Feel free to hit me up and I can make sure your stuff gets into the right hands.
  6. Pretty much this. Killzone3 might be decent though, if only because I didnt play the first two.
  7. telling olly not to be a dick is like telling the sun not to shine
  8. an environment I'm currently working on for fun / my portfolio:
  9. marks

    sketches and shiz

    went to the zoo today to get reference for a uni assignment, not too shabby considering the horrible lack of decent lenses.
  10. marks

    sketches and shiz

    I have a lot to improve on I know heh. life: bedtime anatomy study (cos im cool like that): from reference (epic jawline lol):
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