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  1. I understand that it is very comfortable when each asset is created separately. It is not necessary for team to update heavy package if it has been insignificantly changed.Of course it was a joke. Dentnt had a problem with his computer. Power Supply had been broken. As a result, motherboard, RAM, video card and HDD had been broken too.We made a computer from garbage and run only UE2 RUNTIME on it. I wrote a T3D converter that converts parameters of static meshs from UE2 to UE4. Dentnt sends map file (20 mb) and 3ds max file to me every build. But in UE2 lightmaps are not used. I know that the differences between engines are great, epics well tried.
  2. It was coocked for 40 minutes! Oh Holy Vandora! Where is the time when map`s size was 4-40 kb and "build all" lasts ~100 seconds?
  3. Full Names: Denis Sharudin, Kirill Molchanov Nickname: DENTNT, FACH Map Name: DM-Karusel Download Link: DM-KaRUSel Engine Version 4.12.0 I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ). ADD: The main feature of this map is 2 movers that are rotated around the map in the revers directions. That gives quick movement on map. You may always see an enemy on the area and kill him, if you may shoot accurately between the elements of different structures.P.S. Sorry for my English:) Old version:
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