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  1. i dont see the video This is my firts try on UE with UT3 ressources, just to learn how use the editor :
  2. Screens of udradr3mer are good too, I like the contrast between light blue and yellow.
  3. Psy, your work, will inspirate me (like a lot of other tf2 map) I put those screens here, there are on my port but it's an unfinished map which will come with other stuff soon. It name is ctf_oceanic
  4. It's so cool, I bought l4d2 and now, I've a beautifull hat in tf2
  5. wow ! We use UE3 at school and I think our teachers will be gratefull if it's true
  6. Hi everyone ! I did some modifications to my port. Instead of one page by map to load, I placed all of them on the same page for test but finally I like it even if it's a bit blocked. http://www.minerality.fr/index.html
  7. ElectroSheep

    District 9

    I saw it yesterday, this fucking mecha is amazing!!! (I was a little shocked by red component splashing every where and desintegrations but it was a good film )
  8. Ready too, for a long evening this monday
  9. Tactical Intevention game Footage (de gueule) I think the gameplay could be fun if we add dogs, fire and increeeedible capering, more fun and less boring than cs. But what a poor design (with dev texture haha) for a promotional (I think) video. I'm impatient to know a little more
  10. Woaw ! I just say woaw !! You are very... "polyvalent? versatile?"
  11. Thanks Guy Finnaly, I agree with 1 and 3, I'll probably deleted blur and when I began to work on this site, I was on a tiny cathodic screen
  12. Happy Birthday (You don't know me, but if that was, you would be very thankful )
  13. Ha ! How you recognised me Ok, definitely I'm going to change this, I'm also going to diminish the breadth of the site. :wink:
  14. Thanks yes it's true but I thank that a list of job was better than... nothing
  15. hey ! It's look like a great remake and i played so many time on the original. I will test it when I have some time :wink:
  16. Hi ! I said Student in the title because I'm actually at school and i didn't choose any speciallisation yet (this should become this year) ... even if my portfolio is very connected up to environment / level design at the moment But it's still in développement and I will update it regullary :wink: so please comments It's here : http://www.minerality.fr Bye :monocle:
  17. Haaa Busytown, I have played more than 100 rounds on it.
  18. I have already seen your dock scene and i'm still loving it
  19. Thanks for the comments (haha NykO i'll make some sign in my future maps when something scary will happen :wink: ) J.D., it's great that you find that the adaptation is good, and good job for your work on the mod :wink:
  20. Hi everyone This is the final version of cs_paranoia The background : we are in an old underground Russian complex wher scientists are kept prisoner by their own specimen (terrorists). The spetnaz is sent on place to contain threat. It is a remake of cs_paranoia on 1.6, one of my map which is based on the mod paranoia for half life 1. A style hostage map with 4 hostages and 1 rescue zone, 32 slots and only indoor. a few time to rush at the hostages but several ways to go. The preference for this map being ambience and visual, it's possible that the gameplay does not follow (but everything depends on the style of game of server). --------------------------- Here the direct link : http://www.minerality.fr/maps/source/cs ... _final.rar Or the fps banana link : http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/82977 -------------------------- some screenshots : And now credits : Paranoia - Hostage Rescue ------------------------- Counter-Terrorists: infiltrate the Russian secret laboratory to liberate scientist taken in hostage and eliminate threat. Terrorists: This is your last chance to go out from here, enough to be a specimen but force of the spetnaz is already on place and the only way to escape is to take hostages. Other Notes: There are 4 hostages in the mission and the rescue zone is the trainline. ------------------------- ------------------------- *****Credits***** - Source Version by Valentin "3Dnj" Levillain ([email protected]) - Original 1.6 version by 3Dnj (visit my website : http://www.minerality.fr/ ) - Original idea from Paranoia team (visit the Paranoia mod website : http://paranoia.level-design.ru/info_eng.htm#problems) -Ressouces: Original textures from me, "Paranoia mod" and "Stalker Clear sky", modified by me. Ambient custom sounds from "Paranoia mod", "silent hill" and "Stalker clear sky", modified by me. Ambient musics are from J.D. Big fan model and radio song are from Portal. -Special thanks : To Moroes and Kane for they supports and helps. To NykO18 for is "Domokun's land of despair" ans his test, Vans are coming to defeat you. To Ph3nix for his help and his tests. To the "brakass team" for the playtest. To Comatrix and Kirumi for their help. To Dartsmaul for his supports and test. Enjoy :ssj:
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