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  1. I'm in a state or even with my friends I can't enjoy the ranked.
  2. Well... I gave up on this season already Started 2300, already lost 200 pts. playing with 3 buddies + 2 pickups put us against a full team and we are so screwed because of retarded soloQ people training their genji in ranked.. seriously...
  3. I basicaly feel the same way as you about this one and I miss the small pieces of story S3&K had, it made the game more mature and interesting. Like the Death egg plug intoo the volcano in the background of the Lava Reef level (which is my favorite of all <3) Replaying with Tails right now, it's cool to see that the game keeps the previous special stage you already made (some of them are really tough ^^ ) Also I was looking for 2d maps of the megadrive games and I found this jewel : http://www.soniczone0.com/ You have all maps from S1, 2, 3&K and CD and I already lost several hours just looking at them :D. You also have all the musics !! => Here for S3 : http://www.soniczone0.com/games/sonic3/downloads/ I would love to find the same for the master system version
  4. Played it last week on my NEW NINTENDO SWITCH FUCK YEAH Really loved it. it's not a 10/10 for me because them remade the level I hate the most from the franchise (Oil Ocean, seriously ???) But the ost... wow ! There is some silly boss fight and some of the levels like the 2 from Sonic CD are fucking too busy on screen. It just made me remember how good Sonic 3&K was and that they didn't manage to make a better one since. RIP Sanic Team haha.
  5. My level in the top 5 ? woohooo \o/
  6. I'm not saying it's bad, just that it's not an OST, just a ST
  7. This one is my alarm clock track actually ^^ I really missed when those games had a real OST made for them. All the tracks from B2 are amazing. Then comes the classic shits from EA
  8. French sucks ! Seriously go for Japanese !
  9. It's a bit of a shame for people who want anothe rgame by Valve but there is no surprise in this. Mobile is a huge market today and a portal IP can make tons of money (look at how a Fallout one is popular)
  10. Yeah that's good news Not so exciting after that but for 2018 : - Finish Highlands - Make a trip out of Europe (la reunion probably) - Make great textures again. - And probably moar personal stuffs...
  11. I just wanted to share my two cents after reading the title but looks like we are already at the conclusion
  12. Sometimes it could be because your visleaves are too messy. Are you ok with the leaves concept ? (If no I can try to explain a little or if nomeone has a proper link to the basics :p) If theyr are too complicated, the engine will have trouble decinding what are the area that need to be drawn. To check how they look, after a compile (just vbsp is enough) in hammer, check map > load portalfile. They will appear in blue.
  13. ElectroSheep


    I would say with the roads being so dark, you will have some visibility problems.
  14. One of my favorite games on psx, even bought it on psp to play it in the train ^^
  15. Now I even more want to have it, thanks
  16. yeah I saw the post on polycount and unfortunatly the compiled version available there doesn't work with the last PS
  17. Hey guys, Does some of you use the Expresso Exporter from this guy ? http://minifloppy.it/portfolio/expresso/ Unfortunatly right now looks like there is no more support for a recent version of Photoshop CC (I can't manage to intall it) It's kinda sad because it looks very usefull.
  18. It's was from 3Dnj !!! And yes it's me, just wanted a better nickname ^^ Does that mean we won't have militia anymore ?
  19. Wait ? There is more than 2 seasons ?
  20. That's an iteresting vid, thanks ! Every game start as a crapy grey shit
  21. Congrats man ! Sounds like a hell of an update.
  22. Got my copy on PS4 today, yeeehaaa !!
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