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  1. I'm in the obligation to watch the match Saturday . Fuck friends sometimes !!
  2. ElectroSheep


    Il like all the detailling and stuff but I'm really bothered by the lighting. Like there is too many light sources and different colors that make everything hard to read and understand.
  3. Hello guys !! Some update from the BLU side. Almost done (probably this week end. And them full polish !!
  4. And now comparing Blu side vs Red side ^^ Blu has not the same level of polish than the red one yet but I'm out of mapping for a week so neeeed to shaaaaare !!
  5. Please be a true successor to Left 4 Dead PLEEEEEAAASE !!!!!
  6. Comparing Red and Blu spawn !
  7. Just polished this area with some snow and small details. i'm really glad to annouce that this time for good ! This map WILL BE FINISHED !!!! i'm seeing the end of the tunnel !!
  8. Making Uv all day, seems like fun
  9. I'm starting to add some here and there.
  10. Woohoo ! Mid section of the map !
  11. Snow everywhere... Snooooooooow !!!!
  12. Thx Minos ! I actually fixed the dirty seams on the snow, bad syntaxe in the vmt Working on a map you actually started this long ago make you want to punch the old you sometimes
  13. MEGA BUMP !!! I'm not giving up on finishing this project I want to really polish thi one to the most but I know this won't be played a lot as ctf is not popular and this map is a bit complicated.
  14. It's one of the most basic car in France so I guess yes, but never had one. My ex wife's clio ran more than 300 000 km which is fucking huge !
  15. On screeshots 6 and 7 there is too much flashy colors imo, looks like a christmass tree on drug. I like the one with the B warehouse.
  16. I wish I had more friends playing this game because I really love it. It's that kind of game I'm able to master even without playing for a year where R6S and OW punish your for not training enough But seriously release a map editor !!!
  17. ElectroSheep

    [WIP] de_biome

    It's an incredible map man, congrats !!
  18. I touched Diamond once. Then it was a wonderfull loss
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