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  1. Well I'm a bit in a trouble finding some time right now with a lot of stuff happening to me but made a new house lately Next step is to rework the A site / CT spawn / graveyard.
  2. Hello there ! To be honest there was a contest I wanted to join but couldn't because of operation guys not wanted. I would love to maybe try another one. For the LD/LA thing, I think Tf2maps did the same a long time ago, they have also some great concept for a contest like the connect 5 . To be honest I always thought that art and design should evolve like a tennis match. Some design choices tend to change when art is coming through and I don't think this kind of contest can propose that. Or you make like the Artpass contest on TF2 where everyone is working on the same layout. T
  3. Well those reactions prove again that pc gamers are total whiners but I never played any Diablo games so I guess I can't understand.
  4. Yes you can but I may update them before the final release of the map About the layout, if you take a deep look you can figure out from what old official map this one is inspired by ^^
  5. Thanks guys Unfortunatly, I'm too busy the next 2 weeks to work on it
  6. Didn't look at the stream, that's why I didn't understand.
  7. Frosty is actually 1st of the most popular maps of the year filter in the workshop Thanks for all people who supported it !
  8. I don't really know about what you are talking about a broken build. It's true there is a WIP version of the map on the workshop released by RZL but i didn't tested it with people. Layout stay almost the same from what we tested on mapcore playtest a few years ago, except for a few things we discussed together with RZL. We made a list of things to change and improve and my main goal now it to make it looks really good and easy to read and understand. For the wingman, I don't think so. For the content, I'm not the only one who made stuff so I need to discuss with the other guys but fo
  9. Hello guys Well I wanted to wait a bit longer to have more to show but as it's progressing very slowly, here are some shots from almost finished areas. I spent last month to update the art with better texture work and detail, and also optimisation (if combine props works...) hope you will like it. Before : Now : Before : Now : Before : Now : (woops a nodraw wall) And some other stuff I will be able to show more soon !
  10. Well NS2, even if I didn't played it since probably 4 years, was perfect imo and really doesn't need to be revisited. The only thing it miss is SOME FUCKING GOOD FRIENDS TO PLAY WITH. Seriously, they are all like "boohoo it's too difficult booooh..."
  11. Well I have to update this a bit too ! - Finishing Highlands... Well I'm closer than last year for sure Still 3 months ! But instead I released an even older project, ctf_frosty ! - Made the trip to la Reunion, I'm now not scared anymore of planes. So a lot of possibilities are openning for me now ! - About the textures... well looks like I'm more on the designer side now - Also had several disapointment about job opportunities. - And for other stuff. I'm now engaged ! And also having a baby this December, woohoo !!!
  12. Thanks guys ! An update will come but only to fix critical bugs (no visual) Actually there is a small hole in the playerclip
  13. I'm having a blast with Into The Breach on my switch.
  14. Hello guys ! It's done !!! yeah !!! It's available here on the workshop, made a new upload to celebrate this rare moment. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1505740227 PLEASE LIKE ยงยงยง
  15. I don't know if it's amazing, because if you really think about it, he may work with me, and I'm not very kind with my LDs... Niark !
  16. If you take a look at the new Dust2, most of the building are made of displacements. And not just a few ^^
  17. The 3rd solution is the best (you should be banned from this website if you use the 2 others) It cost more brushes but reduce the memory usage from lighmaps. Also you could probably replace those geometries by props (balcony_edge_trim for example) Also if you merge several brushes together as one func_detail, the connected faces between the different brushes will disapeared.
  18. I'm in the obligation to watch the match Saturday . Fuck friends sometimes !!
  19. ElectroSheep


    Il like all the detailling and stuff but I'm really bothered by the lighting. Like there is too many light sources and different colors that make everything hard to read and understand.
  20. Hello guys !! Some update from the BLU side. Almost done (probably this week end. And them full polish !!
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