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  1. Well, if new assets are needed, I'm planning to make them on polish phase. Now I really want just to make every parts of the map pretty, but still don't have a computer here
  2. Is there a place where this is officially explained ?
  3. He should have verified this email before, lmao. Troll too big too pass.
  4. I remember being upset by your spoil but, funny thing, I don't remember what it was about, haha. Ho crap, Now I remember...
  5. I've finished dead cells 2 times on pc after a lot of rage and tears. But then I moved in Canada and I still dont have a computer yet. I missed this game so much I bought it again on switch lmao. Also beat the game 2 times with less effort this time but the 2 boss cells difficulty is atrocious now xD. I only managed to get to the time gardian boss once.
  6. I'm actually playing the 7. Was about time xD!
  7. Now that I officially all the papers to be able to work in Canada I'm glad to say that I will be part of the Ubisoft team at Montréal in a few weeks.
  8. Was fan of the game for a short time. It was not the best looking game but at least the yellow tech tone game the environment some style. Gameplay was top but unfortunatly I think what killed a bit the game for me is the low amount of maps and how they looks a bit the same visually. Looks like it was a good game for an sdk.
  9. I wish my kid could become friend with Leon Pinto
  10. Hey guys, happy new year Between 2 diapers, I try to find some time for this map, I'm making good progress I guess ^^ Here is the progress on the T spawn :
  11. - My main goal is to watch this little thing growing - Also changing life by leaving France for Canada with my wife. - On the project side, I wish to finish this fckg de_highlands map and after that I want to improve myself on level design and scripting.
  12. Well I can post this one but it comes with a less good lighting also
  13. Hellow there ! I'm now reworking the main castle / B site, starting by remaking some new materials. Also welcome some BlackSite rocks, because I was lazy making some new ones ^^ I made some progress on the A site as well
  14. I'll keep that for later when paperwork will be finished
  15. Yay Montréal if everything is fine with the paperworks. Cant wait!
  16. Wait ! There is no Haribo in Canada ? Or it's more expansive ? I need to know because I'm actually leaving France for Canada in a few months for an undetermined time.
  17. Well I guess there is a lot of good moment but I can remember 2 for sure. On Silent Hill 2, wich was my first one, the first time you go in the otherworld in the hospital, I was like WATZEFUUUK ??? Incredible moment. And more recently when I discovered with my wife the "thing" in the Witness. I don't want to spoil it but everyone who played the game will understand. Sooo awesome.
  18. This is where i failed because it was suposed To be huge water dripping making the building darker. Like the humidity Feel you have in edinburgh street. But it need more work haha.
  19. Wow they are really sophisticated now
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