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  1. leviatan1001

    Batch Sampler

    Brilliant idea! Do you plan to make a gui? Would be nice to get a grey scale map with the computed grid, for masking in photoshop later, you know...
  2. Really nice job! I need at least 10% of your patience and dedication
  3. here we go http://www.davidmiranda.me/files/TheWaterfall_HD_Screens.rar
  4. I wanted to post it on my site, too, but the link is dead. Also, my first post. Oh, yeah, Im sorry, Im uploading a better version (less compression artifacts) and its 50% atm. Thats the reason why its broken now, hehe. Wait 40 minutes
  5. Thanks guys. Added download link
  6. Based on a concept by Jaime Martinez, this image shows the heart of the scene at the end of the movie. I decided to bring his concept to life because of the potential I found on it. A good place to implement cool rendering features and a peaceful place to work on. For more info Original video for download
  7. Hi guys. Well, i just saw 2 example videos at youtube. What about this one?: Dont think i have a gothic soul! haha
  8. Thank you Kedhrin for the comment. Here is the full res image
  9. Hi all, Here is my first matte painting, hehe. It was easy! Ive been practising 3 days only painting. And this is the first matte painting attempt ^^ Do you think its good? See ya!
  10. Hi!, Thanks to everybody for the comments. Some of your questions are answered in my blog, hehe. I explained some stuff there. I see at the end, my overlay color layer in the rock shader was washed out Ouch!
  11. Here is my last personal project, a small rocky island with a Lighthouse on the top. Vimeo More development info here I made the whole scene except the crab. I also made all the postprocessing from scratch with hlsl. [*:1jm64byv]Cross Processing [*:1jm64byv]Bleach Bypass [*:1jm64byv]Custom DOF [*:1jm64byv]Custom SSAA [*:1jm64byv]Lens Distortion with chromatic aberration [*:1jm64byv]Custom tonemapper with controlled eye adaption I hope you like!
  12. hehe. Many people compares it with stalker, fallout 3... and the interesting thing is i have never played those games xD I have just seen some videos maybe. That makes me think im in the right way
  13. Hehe, yeah. It have improved so much. I started this project in christmas 2008. Do you want to laugh a little? Check this first capture, hehe. A video capture here is important, yes, it have many live elements, so its mainly designed to give that sensation, a mix between dead/abandoned place but keeping life in the scene. Thanks everybody for the reviews. Its nice to come here and see you people like it. Thank you all!
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