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  1. Heroquest and Zombiecide are the kind of game I would love, but I have no friend I could play with :/ So i'll just keep on painting
  2. Hey, i'm not passing by there that much nowadays, nothing to share but still lurking from time to time. But this post is a good pretext to show off my paintings I re-started painting minis after I found my old 40k orks from my parent house earlier this year. I bought a lot of paints, a lot of minis and an airbrush compressor... Kinda went crazy on the expenses Here are some of my work (I'm only painting, I don't even have rule books ah ah) : http://simon-aublet.com/devblog/warhammer-40k-hobby/warhammer-40-hobby-space-marines-chaos.html Hope I'm not hijacking the thread
  3. That's some crazy project ! Grew up in Bayeux, Normandy, you are doing a good job
  4. Was stunned by the visuals ! It's freaking beautiful, and has a nice variety of maps ! Wasn't disapointed by that beta. Chara design is also amazing, as art direction, etc... But I felt that the game design is a bit too "smooth"... It's fun when you play with some friends, like really fun, you can play 3h without even noticing time passing. But I tried solo, and it was boring as hell. There was no teamplay, no real challenge, just a random deathmatch like a 2kmmr dota. Even if the game seems balanced, it's always the same heroes that can ez win a game, some are worthless. And for 60$, i don't think I'll buy it. This will purely depends if my friends keep playing or no. This test made me launch TF2 again. And quit immediatly. I really hope Valve is working on TF3 with some next gen graphics (and less hats).
  5. And already busted for copyright infringment, stealing artwork from workshop non-accepted objects : https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/4au0yy/valve_the_first_custom_game_you_monetized_is_a/ What a dick move Valve.
  6. On reddit, an user not affiliated with Crytek said he couldn't find any statement restricting the use of those assets, so, go for it
  7. No females btw ? Every other game of the genre (or any game where you can customize your character) has females. Kind of sad...
  8. Looks really cool gameplay and 3C feelings, I might give it a try as I'm a huge Arma Fan and think that the Dayz team screwev so bad with the actual game ^^ I was Hype since the first announcement, now i'm super hyped by this diary, even if there is still no MP footage
  9. Send me your email, I'll invite you, not sure if it works for PS4 (?)
  10. I tried, but i didn't really liked my first game. I didn't understood the main concepts of cards and skills, I think the UI needs a lot of work. The map feels a bit too open. I took the purple mage, but I got rekt everyfight by melee tankers, not really enjoyable... And I don't like the approach they choose on aesthetic : I feel like they made this game to showcase their engine instead of creating an original design : the screen isn't readable and is too busy for me (fx, lighting effects and postprocess). Will probably give it another try in the next playtests, but to me it can compet with a Dota right now.
  11. I got contacted by a lot of headhunter on linkedIn, but they often offered me to apply on US and EU-east companies which i'm not ready to join (and i may never be). This is more common for coders as they are way rarer than us poor artists and designers. They also are paid higher. I know a very liltle number of people having found a job throught recruitement companies. If I'm right, they get paid for a % of your yearly salary by the company hiring you (not on your own salary). As this is a simple service they provide to studios, they are paid once per contract. I don't think I need a recruiter because I don't plan to move outside France for now, but I think this is a must go if you are not yet in the company's country, as US typicaly.
  12. I have a similar issue, I want to make side projects but I always find something to not write my ideas properly or starting modeling... I also feel that if I start something without the insurance of having a friend being able to code and help me, it's just wasted time. I had a solid game design idea, I started writing stuff, posting job announces, etc... It's so discouraging to find someone that can share your vision of a cooperation project, where each dev drags the other dev in a cool work chain. I ended up thinking I should start a website / blog, force myself to work on tiny bricks of arts and gamedesigns, and see how far I can go and if I can grab some friends / devs.
  13. I'm everyone's friend, si if you have a code, send me one
  14. Signed for beta, will see if it will catch me up as much as dota 2 did
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