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  1. Next Alpha test in a week! Sign up: https://thecycle.game/
  2. "Hi Prospectors! Join us for the Alpha Test IV on: Thursday 15th Nov 18:00-23:00 CET Friday 16th Nov 18:00-23:00 CET Saturday 17th Nov 15:00-23:00 CET Prepare for another descent to Fortuna III: • You can now join forces with your friends in a new Squad Mode. Just make sure you have enough friends. • First step in character customization: female Prospector is ready to make history! • Storm looks way more menacing now even if your visor doesn’t have the best settings. • We have some new weapons for you to try out, prepared by Osiris and Otec specially for this occasion. Try not to hurt yourself. • We have also done a lot of tweaks, check out full report on Steam. Don't have a key yet? Then register at http://thecycle.game"
  3. Woop woop, start the mega-hype: we just announced our upcoming game at YAGER: The Cycle! Signups for a closed alpha test, which will happen in August, are open at: https://thecycle.game/ In-game teaser: Exciting times!
  4. BOTW is definitely one of the finest examples of good open world level design I've ever played!
  5. Oh I've always been LD at heart. The TD title kind of just happened during Spec Ops because I ended up doing large amounts of scripting and console stuff.
  6. I'm since a couple of months Lead Level Designer (still at YAGER).
  7. The engine is UE4. Go YAGER!
  8. I think it would be a shame to see this place get stuck with old tech.
  9. I did, with examples as well, but you decided to take something out of context without reading further. Same as Jetsetlemming. Thus, I see no reason to continue this with you. Those are not examples of feminism, they are random critical sentences written by you, a non feminist. And are you seriously saying we should NOT strive for a world where anyone could go anywhere, dressed anyhow, and feel safe?
  10. Seriously?! What the hell is going on in here! "Really what it all boils down to is the feminist position that women are inferior and men are superior. Which is ironic since it's the exact opposite of what they claim to believe." Where do you get this crap from? Please elaborate on how women being inferior is "the feminist position". I'd say the feminist position is that in the modern world (where we can to a large extent disregard physical strength which was mentioned), neither sex is inferior or superior, and the only thing standing in the way to actual equality (equal pay etc.) are basic attitude issues, stemming from, among other things, tropes in media.
  11. Thank you Jetsetlemming and Marcem for some more educated posting. Seriously considered leaving the forum, found myself too baffled to even respond.
  12. Agree with above post - there's certainly a lot of interesting things to look into here but I would either go specifically in the direction of differences/challenges between third person co-op and first person co-op, or simply between co-op and single player in general. (Unless the end product is really just a design of the level and the paper listing your thoughts on the way. Which is of course also valid.)
  13. Haha. Fun and accurate read indeed!
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