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  1. WizardExt

    [AQ2] Countryside

    Hello fellow mappers! Action Quake 2 is a wonderful mod that I have enjoyed since 1999. Released my first map in 2003 (it took me 2 years!) and have since continued to create a lot of maps for this mod. This is my latest creation - Countryside Download: http://www.wizardext.se/maps/countryside.zip Info It's located out on the countryside. Abandoned houses. There are themed areas and landmark features in the map, to help the player navigate and call out locations. Overall subtle colors in the map. Yellow color coding on the selected objects, to make them pop. It's
  2. Thank you Algor for your feedback! The demo you recorded is 1-2 seconds long? Anyway, here are some answers to your feedback:
  3. I have just released Spherical Nightmares, a Half-Life 2: Episode Two single-player mod. Something that started as a "small" school project, but ended up being long development process. I had previously only done multiplayer level design, mostly for Quake 2 but was really eager to create an interesting single-player experience in the Half-Life 2 universe. Here is the trailer: Official website: http://www.sphericalnightmares.com/ ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/spherical-nightmares How to install: 1. Extract to ..Steamsteamappssourcemods 2. Restart Steam 3. The mod is now lis
  4. Nice topic, good to see it updated. https://twitter.com/#!/WizardExt
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