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  1. That sucks, they did some good stuff too. UK industry is really going down at the moment.
  2. beta 2 of no floor: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1905266/Portal2 ... rbeta2.zip Don't want to post a ton of shots in this topic again but, I removed the funnels for carrying the cube. Had them their because I thought it would be too difficult but, its quite possible with out and what I liked about the map in the first place. Still things to fix (like using the lazer to kill the bots), but I shall spend tomorrow on final lights, art and tweaks.
  3. I still like the idea of a map core portal 2 pack.
  4. oooo yea. Cheers, totally forgot about that.
  5. Posted some screenshots below to show the issue but its more or less a flickering across some surfaces on my map. Kind or normal to start with but then as you move it appears to go full bright, anyone know what the issue is? Have cube maps in so I don't think that's problem unless I am going wrong with them. Thanks
  6. Anyone know if its safe to turn on the Ribbon UI in preferences? Saw someone say it made the editor crash so they had to reinstall.
  7. Performance is still pretty good with everything at max and motion blur off. Quite a noticeable difference, great job guys.
  8. Should just be a matter of copying it into the addon folder and then loading the map in the console. Don't think double clicking the vpk works for portal 2. I will check I set it up right again when I am back at the pc.
  9. If anyone wants to play an unfinished version of the portal 2 map I posted on the previous page: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1905266/Portal2_NoFloor/map1/nofloorbeta1.zip Its a vpk so once its in the addon folder just type "map sp_nofloor" into the console Needs a good day spent on lights and art and general fixing. Interested to know what people think of the puzzle though.
  10. Same here would be happy to test.
  11. Cheers dude. Went though a few different versions of those box's but in the end the thin frames you see above looked the best. Should have a version to post tomorrow, because I do need other peoples feedback really.
  12. Portal 2 map. Had an idea to try something with no floor so this was my attempt. Still need to detail, light it and tidy up a few areas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izy0GTm9tws
  13. Reminds me of WALL E. Love all the little details on the arm at the front. Nice work.
  14. Just make sure your friends goes to look at Middlesbrough (which is Teeside uni I think) if he is thinking about it. The course is quite good from the look of it but the area is not somewhere you want to spend much time at all.
  15. Kind of shocking what shit shows up in ads on such big sites.
  16. Middlesborough upgraded every shit hole I had been too, to a non shit hole. God awful place.
  17. Next year am paying £360 a month with nothing included (well water is) for some three bed house big enough for one and they forgot about the stairs so built them into the only storage cupboard. Things also grow if the heat is not kept on.
  18. I really loved Bioshock up until Ryan. Where the game should have ended imo did not enjoy anything after that point.
  19. Still have to pay for it if you don't pre-order. Or don't manage to pick up a LE after launch.
  20. I have always used BT and they are fine. None are out standing though. Been through it once or twice, quicker to list what you don't have to be aware of Its suppose to be quite nice in some parts so I am told, just watch out for bad areas. Suppose to have the best curry in this part of the world too.
  21. Yea that's true. That fact that he is Canadian (duke is quite pro USA would it be fair to say) would make me think that's the case or it was the best usable result they found.
  22. Depends when he died, if it was made say 2 years before his death and forgotten about ok yea.
  23. dude no one knows what your project is or who you are, posts like this are made everyday somewhere, you can't expect hype or interest with out a bit of proof of work. I do hope its pretty cool when you show it but cryptic stuff like this only works when you are really well known.
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