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  1. Finally! Downloading now! Congrats on the release.
  2. To be honest its been going so long a lot of its just going to look dated again... Didn't they post this time last year that something big was coming with in the next few days or the first week or two of 2011 at the latest? I am pretty sure one of the developers posted that but I could be totally wrong.
  3. If you ain't into Star Wars not sure how much you would get out if it to be honest? Combat is pretty fun I think, I guess it comes down to pressing a button and wait but, feels a lot more involved than WoW.
  4. Yea I agree with what Vilham said degree does help a lot even if they are a bit shit. I guess its what you make of it, you can always tell who are the people who spent loads of their own time learning and who didn't. I would guess 80%+ of the people on mine don't.
  5. http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/articles.php Good stuff their go down to the level design tutorials section some good stuff well worth reading. Everything on that site is worth a look in my book though. Hard to beat jumping in and making stuff, spend time planning and thinking about how everything will look, play and feel. That's where I went wrong for a long time. You can learn just fine from the Internet and many do. I study games dev at uni and its not what you think.....
  6. Some good templates to work from in this topic. http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=91572
  7. It's much, but wanted to give something to the core!
  8. sarge mat

    yo guys..

    What the fuck goes on in that country....
  9. Love it, textures really make it
  10. sarge mat

    Unreal Script Help

    I don't get it, why can't you offset it ? Since you offset his spawn location at start, you already know his true location. If you leave the spawn location blank it defaults to the location of the actor that called its spawn but if you offset you also have to sent a location you are pretty much just adding to the value. Can prob live with it as long as I get everything else sorted
  11. sarge mat

    Unreal Script Help

    cheers Froyok What I have "works" but its getting it to know where the actor is in the world, the spawn defaults it to that location to start with but then there is no way to OfSet it. I think I am making things a bit complex for my self though. Cheers for the stuff on materials hope to get that working today.
  12. sarge mat

    Unreal Script Help

    Have a few unreal script questions and an assignment due soon so any help would be greatly appreciated. First thing I am trying to do is give a vector the location of where an actor spawns and then give it a slight offset and can't for the life of me work out how. I am then using the vector to spawn another actor into the world at that location but it needs a slight offset value so its not in the excast same position. As the actor is placed in the editor It needs to work that out after it has spawned if you get what I mean and then add an offset. Tried a few things including: function SpawnAmmo(Vector SpawnLocation) { //BoxOneLOf = SpawnLocation * BoxOneL; Spawn(class 'TheBlueBoxLinkgunPack',,,SpawnLocation + SpawnOfSet); } With out much luck. ------------------------- Second I am having a hard time working StaticMeshComponent.SetMaterial(); change the material of a mesh when called in other words Don't know if anyone has had experience with it but its looking for the values "int Element Index, Material Interface Material" and I can't really find any documentation explaining how to set it up . Cheers!
  13. Pretty much get a new wallpaper with every new batch of screenshots.
  14. COD4 had 2-3 scenes that really blew your mind mixed in with good pacing and an almost anti war themed story. MW2 onwards tired to shock you ever 20 mins and went completely team america, fuck yea.
  15. [attachment=0]2011-11-21_00001.jpg[/attachment]
  16. Online activation is required....though since monday i'm not sure if that still applies. Like most, i used a VPN to activate it. http://battlefieldo.com/bf3-launch-changed-to-today/ Mine might arrive in the post today (26th just about mind) so I hope so.
  17. Anyone know if the PC European copy's work as soon as you get them or do they have some shit unlock thing?
  18. Been trying to disable the nano suit powers in Flow Graph, there are some nodes for it but they don't appear to work? Been trying to do it once the player walks into a trigger. All connects up fine but does nothing when I run it. Screenshot below might show what I am trying to do better. Did find a topic from crysis 1 trying to do the same thing but the screenshot showing how is dead
  19. Looking really nice. This is going to be a very intresting one to watch.
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