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  1. Really like the documentary thing too, going to be well worth backing just for that.
  2. Over $550,000 though what people forget about Kickstarter is the cut they take and then Tax.
  3. It sounds like at some studios the level designers do everything from scripting events and white boxing to scene population and lighting and at others they only focus on design stuff and artists do everything else.
  4. I am pretty sure that's called Environment Artist 90% of the time. Level artist and Environment artist would be more or less one in the same I would think.
  5. cheers , its the cry engine pretty much mostly the default assets for now anyway. cheers Chris. Yea I agree need to change that up a bit. Was quite happy when I discovered this was featured on the cry dev home page along with another 3 entry's.
  6. paranormal activity 3. Shit my self a bit......
  7. Was a few gameplay ones a wile back I think. Yea I mean the site deficiently goes a bit towards environment stuff but still a lot of good stuff for people trying to get started. lol cheers
  8. opps. yea know what you mean need to get back to this and tidy it up. The start of something for the latest challenge over at world of level design
  9. Trailer didn't really jump out at me but it looks better than 5. Though that would not be hard.
  10. done. Some of the not important-very important ones where not very clear though.
  11. Great film though I think its quite negative on Billy Mitchell.
  12. Yea that's pretty much most of Europe with the EU now. It gets a bit ridiculous to the other extreme some times though, where its nearly imposable to get rid of people unless the company is about to go under or something.
  13. lol , yea good point though I do tend to do things a bit too much 90 degrees etc.
  14. Na i wasn't just looked up how to use them though, really useful!
  15. Reminds me a bit of that game real time worlds where making.
  16. cheers. yea the difference is massive when I look at the old screens, it had no contrast at all. Ended up using a Vis Area as the sun light was making it all too bland and just faked the sun coming though the window.
  17. Something small to learn a bit more about the cry engine, before trying to do a proper level. [attachment=1]GazeOn_Screen2_04-01-12.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=2]GazeOn_Screen1_04-01-12.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]GazeOn_Screen3_04-01-12.jpg[/attachment]
  18. I have another year left once this one is done and I really can't wait till its behind me. I do try to get really inspired about the assignments but they try to make thing too academic rather than design something from the ground up for a new industry. You can now learn more than most uni's will cover in a year in about 2-5 hours from the likes of 3d motive or Eat 3D. Like e-freak said I want it so I can hopefully go to the states or Canada to work some time, it does sound like they are a must for that kind of thing.
  19. I hear good things about the Guildhall and I am not even in the US. Problem is every Uni the UK has at least 1 games course at this point with 90% of them being crap.
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