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  1. Yea it’s a shame, I personally did not enjoy the game that much when I played the beta, but I think that’s just me. The game did have a lot of issues at launch like the servers begin down for days, more of a Sony issue than the developers though. Having said that it’s a lot of work to make a level in the game and I don’t think that would appeal to a lot of people.There was talk about a PSP version but Sony may be rethinking the entire IP at the moment. We do know EA are going to allow DICE to make another Mirrors Edge though which is good. They need to remove guns completely and have less combat in general.
  2. I would say its unlikely the next Metal Gear won’t be on 360. It would mean a LOT more money and build a bigger fan base for the game. Good for everyone, apart from Sony.
  3. New design looks a lot cleaner IMO makes it more modern. The two sections are very easy to access with the nice big buttons. I would also just like to say I finished your book not too long ago and it was a great help to me.
  4. Very impressive, looks like a lot of time and hard work has gone into it. Really looking forward to checking it out when the time comes.
  5. Home was announced nearly two years before NXE. How funny that Microsoft launched something better before them. The idea of running around in this big 3D world to go to a fake theatre to watch a trailer etc does not interest me. Microsoft has a good solid menu based online service and Sony should focus on doing somthing like that.
  6. Apart from the spam button in Gears 2, doing my fucking head in.
  7. I have been watching the progress of this and it looks really great man. Love the style. A very inspiring peace of work.
  8. They can't be allowed to do this? Just when EA where changeing for the good. I would think its not that hard to get a ban from the EA forums too.
  9. Its a lot of fun so far. Sort of thows you out there once you get out of 101 but I supose that fits the theme of the game. I have noticed some crap AI where people will start walking into walls and that sort of thing but apart from that its good.
  10. That’s a nice looking cake My copy got shipped out today so it should be with me tomorrow. I ordered the collectors edition so it comes in the big metal lunch box. I mostly want it for the making of and art book..... and the game I suppose.
  11. Because its Microsoft and the like money. Been years since I got one of thouse, IMO Fable is better played with out one.
  12. I have been put of getting this after seeing the 1UP Show this week. I was hoping for a game that you could drive around in and do a bit of exploring with towns that are populated with ordinary people. But it looks like everyone in the game hates you can you can't drive far without getting attacked.
  13. I agree but when starting out I think the most important thing of all to remember is to keep going, It can be very demoralising when you have worked on something that you think is great and then have people says it’s not so great. But critism is by far the quickest way to improve yourself. My most recent map and the first one I posted here has a lot of issues but it was far better IMO to find that out now rather than a lot later down the line. It gives you the opportunity to take a step back to see where you have gone wrong and in this case not to waste much more time on it.
  14. Everyone sounds like they are from England for one, but I did here one guy from Northern Ireland Hard to describe it can only be experienced. Everything from the art to the music.
  15. I am really enjoying it so far, the world is a really interesting place to run around in with loads to do. The Dog is a really neat addition and works really well, apart from the odd time when he won’t follow you correctly It feels very British as too.
  16. O my, its looking very nice indeed. I have beeb following Alan Wake and its great to get a new trailer at last. Can't wait to see some gameplay.
  17. Very nice. I am tempted by this most likely for the PC to check out the editor. But Fable this week and Fallout the next will be more than enough for now.
  18. Interesting, I remember seeing this game in shops but I never actually played it.
  19. sarge mat


    Thanks for you feedback I agree with everything you said. I am going to have to remove that fog from the side as well. I will finish this one no matter what even if it does not turn out that great (but i am not going to let it drag on). I have started reading, The hows and whys of level design SE, which will be a big help on future projects. I should add as its not in the screenshots, you can jump down under one of the boats into a dry dock type area.
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    Hello all, This is my first post here after just finding these forums today; I come from game-aritst.net and recognise a few people here. Realistically I have been starting to head in the right direction in terms of level design for a little under a year but have been into games development for several. Anyway down to business this is blacktoe it has been in development from the start of September and I am putting out beta 3 today and am very much looking forward to getting some feedback from you lot. The map was inspired by global warming and another Unreal map (gateway). I am quite happy with how it’s coming on so far but there are still loads of details to add and bits to fix so let me know what you think. Lighting could be better at the moment and I think spawns and AI paths should have improved from the last beta, but weapon spawns need to change, the first sound effects just got added too but I am having issues with their radius at the moment. Parts of the level are still lacking detail as well. I am aware of a place where you can get out of the level and will be fixing that. Also the little ice islands, I am playing around with the idea of having them sink or a wave wash over them every so often. Anyway enough with chat, here are some screens and a download link Blacktoe beta 3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?lm1j5kzwzmy
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