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    Politics forum?

    I have yet to see politics on forums end well.
  2. The Assassins Creed game I have been waiting for The combat is the most fun I have had in a game for quite a wile.
  3. I think that this will be the final one, there's only so far they can take it, unless . I don't like the whole plotline they've got going this time around, considering such a scenario is actually brewing up in real life it seems a bit propaganda-ish. Still it is rather enjoyable, the trailer for episode 2 indicates a pretty tense situation to come... Watched Episode 2 the other day, things are moving forward fast....
  4. New Homeland season is pretty dam good so far, though I wonder how many more seasons they can get out of the story with out dragging it out :/
  5. there is also this https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/statu ... 2788337665 Must have something to show.
  6. Now saying Half Life 3 and dragon age 3 where listed by mistake http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012- ... be-at-show They would say that though..... so.....
  7. I am guessing this will mean they will build a map/world just for DayZ? The ARMA II one is fine and all but, I think they could do a lot more with one designed with the game in mind.
  8. lol Sure tools are a bit old now but just look at Dear Esther. Still an awesome engine in the right hands.
  9. Source is still quite a capable engine I would fully expect the next gen version to be on par at least with CE3 etc. It sounds like it could be more of a massive overhaul rather than something completely new though if its referenced in current tools like the film maker.
  10. Don't think many people will cry over Zynga, didn't do them selves many favors in most eyes.
  11. let me be clear I didn't do the concept lol just one I picked out (wish I could draw half that good ha).
  12. Bit early for much feedback maybe but its based on this bit of concept art http://goo.gl/rX4p3. Going a bit more Fantasy with the setting rather than post apocalyptic, think shadow of the colossus or last guardian maybe. [attachment=0]FantasyCourtyardEnvironment_21_06_2012_Screenshot1.jpg[/attachment]
  13. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012- ... ossibility Free-to-play Timesplitters 4 ?
  14. sarge mat


    Loads to see in Dublin for sure. Well only ever been for the Airport/seaport but I am told its good. The North West coast (Giants causeway area) area has tons to see if you want to go that far north.
  15. They still have Crysis 3 to finish and Crytek UK is doing the new Homefront so that still a big chunk of the studio doing retail stuff + that kinect game for Microsoft Rise or something.
  16. I would hope they plan to continue with single player stuff. Surely they company has too many studios now anyway to just make the "free to play shooter", I would guess they have plans for some cool stuff.
  17. Impressive tech wise, but thought the art was pretty poor to be honest. The 3.9 Samaritan demo was way better looking.
  18. EA had a good showing I thought, shame the same can't be said about Microsoft. Halo 4 looked mighty impressive though, love what they are doing with the HUD.
  19. Remember seeing this a wile back and wondering how it would play. Looks really interesting.
  20. Some nice art http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012- ... ts-artwork
  21. while i do agree with you that people are being dicks for whining like this, i'm also of the opinion that blizzard could have handled this a lot better. i mean offline mode would have solved a lot of these issues. either way, i'm awaiting reviews before getting this game. Agreed some gamers are the most over entitled people ever. However Blizzard should have been ready and yeah offline mode should be in there by default.
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