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  1. Cheers for taking some time to fill it out @vilham thanks for bringthat up im not sure if I can change it now what would of your answer been to that question?
  2. Hello everyone I dont ever post on here much as you can see and generally just lurk but today I need help filling out a questionaire which will support my dissertation at university. Im just writing about game mechanics and how they effects game addiction, this questioanire is just about people being effected in diffrent ways from games generally diffrent types of addiction problems. Would help me out loads if you could take a minute to fill out its just I need to do diffrent types of research for the marks Thanks in advance. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8WBDQ6N
  3. Might as well play some custom maps or just portal over again, I was playing it to develop the story on from the 1st.
  4. I found the game abit 50/50 to be honest I found that alot of it was just doing test cambers which I believe gets abit repetitive I was sooo looking
  5. Just completed Crysis2 the other day and completely hated it the look and feel of the game was amazing the engine is awesome. I just spent most of the game confused on what the hell was going on how this ever linked in really with number 1 I think they might as well have changed the name of the game. I just felt that I paid alot of money to just kill hundreds of enemies walk into another street blast another 100 enemies till the game more or less ended. When the the game did decide to let me have a rest for killing the scenes were talking scenes were awesome and loved it but I just dont get how they came up with that storyline o my days. On a lighter note MP is kinda fun unless you get meleed to death by a cloaked man.
  6. Thanks for sharing! Brilliant read gonna help alot a think.
  7. Liske

    Christmas trees

    I thought this thread was about your christmas trees? I would post one but me being a student only have like half broken ones that dont look so great.
  8. 3/4 was good. but the last 1/4 has controdicted everything said at the end of T3 Overal opionion it sucked monkey balls
  9. YES. Second that! Makes me want to get the torrent and spend my 10 day vacation playing it Imagine it with some decent tech and trying to manage a zombie infection that eventually spreads and takes over your hospital, launching L4D's Mercy Hospital! Totally doable. AMEN TO THAT plus freelancer was amazing How about Themepark
  10. Just sore the full advert now inbetween the da vinci code adverts, and it mentions its going to be in italy i think the 15th century. Gave big insite into it and now im really looking forward to it but its like 6 months to go lol
  11. Wow sore an advert for AS2 today on UK tv kinda early i thought , plus didnt even show any ingame and just showed the name maybe just to get people thinking about it but first game ive seen to advertise this early in the year for an end of year release
  12. Liske

    World Builder

    Thats was amazing i will never forgot that. God i do also wonder if that will ever come true lol it looks just so coool
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