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  1. is paletizing/indexing also an option?
  2. wow very nice change of pace from the typical fare. Looking great As for the texture memory, according to what HP said, what would be a more acceptable level of texture memory usage?
  3. man that reminded me of some mod I've been working on 3 years ago exactly the same textures, sky, lightsetup http://www.hlportal.de/?sec=mods&site=m ... mod_id=125 Very nice I did end up changing that sky to a similar one because for some reason when I used that my reflections got really messed up. They essentially didnt reflect. To this day I still have no idea why that happend. I'm assuming you're using the HL2 default sky btw. I'm not 100% sure either :/. A friend made that sky from some of the available shots at cgtextures.com. I'll start by darkening the env_light to se
  4. Wow I love this, really creative and inspiring:)
  5. it's kind of an early dawn map, it's still dark enough that the map needs considerable street lighting to be playable. This pic is from an old build and everything left of center in that screenshot is replaced but it should give you an idea of the lighting. I'm not totally happy with it, not quite sure what direction I need to go to match the skybox so I just try to tweak it every compile and try to get closer to it at this point.
  6. wow! I love the brushwork. Very meticulous.
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