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  1. Right now I'm pretty much buying the PS5 for the demons souls remake. It's like my favorite series. Hopefully there will be a bloodborne2 or something too. With the way MS is going this gen it will be interesting to see how many console exclusives end up on PC as well. That said PS5 is sold out everywhere I've looked so I guess I probably wont be playing it until next year.
  2. AlexM


    Haha yeah, game makes my brain into a pretzel. I'm off for another 2 weeks so I got all the time in the world I'll send you a long term game too. Sort of like those games where you leave a board on the desk and whenever a co-worker walked by they would take a move.
  3. AlexM


    GGs I saw the rematch dialog come up but I accidentally tapped somewhere else and now I cant find our game :X
  4. I saw some post somewhere saying this game only went out of pre-production a year or so ago. Is that true?
  5. AlexM


    I just realized I've been playing the whole time without an account. Following you now, here's mine : https://lichess.org/@/climaxgravely
  6. AlexM


    Oops I was thinking lichess but I can give chess.com a look. I just got brutalized last night and went like 0-7 last night :X
  7. AlexM


    I'm also the worst player ever, do you have a named account? If so we should play some time. It would be nice to stand a chance
  8. If Sony does what MS did with the xbone I would love that! All I want is a way to play my old games without having to go into storage and using a bunch of cable converters or buying them again. I've got this gem sitting next to me and I'm so close to hooking up my PS2
  9. You are probably right. The thing is I have a huge shelf of ps1/ps2/ps3 games I'd like to play without having to setup the old systems. I don't want to pay for this. ESPECIALLY if it's a streaming solution, I don't want to introduce input lag. My understanding is that xboxone allows this. I worry Sony is getting arrogant again with this stuff and MS is a scrappy hungry fighter.
  10. I guess this is the most appropriate thread for this stuff. I've been doing some stuff where I generate 3d art/animation via computer algorithm and then I add some music. Basically a demo if you are familiar with those things. Here's a few :
  11. Those Parisians can make some music That takes me back, I looked up MOON a while back. He has apparently quit music (at least as MOON).
  12. I would have loved this. I would pay a premium for some kind of special ultimate ps5 too. Sounds like the new playstation head wants to bury old games though
  13. So I decided to leave the medical tech industry a few months back and take some time off. I was a little burned out working at a startup and have had an unprecedented amount of family and friend deaths in the last year (covid/suicide) I just needed a break so I could stop treading water trying to deal with all this stuff. It's been pretty nice and I've finally had time to do stuff like read non-academic books, playing video games, studying math and going to school for Japanese. I'm also getting a lot more exercise. Even entered a game jam for the first time in 4 years. Finally I started t
  14. Risk of Rain 2 is so fucking good. It's one of those games that makes me immediately want to go make games afterwards. It's pure game. So gamey! The gamiest!!
  15. There's a chance I might get both this time.
  16. Just beat Nioh2 and am considering trying to get platinum on it. In the mean time I've started playing monster hunter world and tony hawk. Man I suck at tony hawk now but the game is great! A well done remake As for monster hunter. The game is gorgeous and it's quite interesting but I'm not sure I want to make the monster hunter commitment.
  17. You can remove me from the list. I've left my job and I'm planning to take a fair amount of time off
  18. Ultimate Mahvel vs Capcom 3 baby! Ever since corona virus most fighting game tournaments aren't happening. As a result all the high level sponsored players are choosing to play the games they enjoy the most (rather than the newest ones with the prizes) and that has lead to a HUGE resurgence of people playing UMVC3 online. It takes me on average 1-3 seconds to find a decent connection match! That's way better than pretty much any modern fighting game I've been playing! I love this game so much. I've been playing it since 2012 and I still suck but I love the game. There is no
  19. Started playing a game called Yomawari night with my partner. I expected a kind of cute anime game. It's actually quite horrifying.
  20. I was just coming here to post this There's a video now :
  21. I started watching third rock from the sun on amazon again lately. Last time I saw it was 20 years ago. I'm finding it way more hilarious but I think that's because I'm older now and I find dad jokes way funnier. The true sign of aging....
  22. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    That's all the experts are really asking. Take the recommended simple precautions. No research/advisory group in a professional qualified capacity and in a position of power has advocated a lockdown that I know of. The only case of increased sanctions I can see is for areas that flaunted the original guidance. Even in that case, the people ordering these mandates aren't WHO/CDC/Etc. It's the people originally who flaunted expert advice and suffered the subsequent outbreaks (for example, the governor of texas). In regards to your statistics. I don't really want to get into that too mu
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