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  1. oh crap, Jan 2017 was the RE7 release date, not the RE2 release date
  2. Looks cool. I like that it seems they gave you a bit of air control so you don't have those impending doom jumps Have you heard of locomalito? He's remade ghouls and ghosts twice now too. Just in case you need more than one game to satisfy that itch. https://www.locomalito.com/maldita_castilla.php
  3. Finally finished a game which was on my backlog for about 15 years. Resident Evil 1. I played the ps4 hd version and just beat the game as Jill. The game holds up surprisingly well. Really great game. Awesome blend of adventure and horror elements. I think I'll do another play through with Chris and maybe even go for the 3 hour trophy. One thing I was super surprised about was how good this game looks. It's an HD version of a remake from the early 2000's but it still looks really really good. Obviously part of this is due to the game environment being somewhat pre-rendered but even t
  4. Is the playtime for each character in the career profile known to be inaccurate? Or does it not include ranked? It feels like it partially froze for me and I'm pretty sure there's no way I've put in more time with sombra than winston
  5. We should have a suggestions thread maybe in the future. So I can suggest a Doom2 mapping contest
  6. I voted UT but the 1024 contest actually sounds more interesting. Especially if 2d maps were on the table! also... overwatch pretty pretty please
  7. I think there should be 3 other videos that just came out too. EDIT here they are
  8. Overcooked. Pretty fun game. I can imagine relationship therapists using this on couples.
  9. Can we keep this ball rolling? Space Phallus : http://charliesgames.com/tempsite/games/spacephallus.html
  10. AlexM

    POTUS 2016

    What is in that bin?
  11. holy shit, last time I looked at that it didn't have much. Let alone retropie support! I was already planning to buy another oled vita just because the hardware is so nice. I might have to buy a third for...... research crap I gotta stop posting about the vita in the switch thread. Someday I'll make a vita thread and it will be insanely rant-y
  12. Not in the slightest. The only reason it has 200+ games coming out next year is because developers love it so much. Sometimes I think they want it to die. As far as I know vita can't do emulators. When PSM was a thing people wrote emulators for it but the only way you could use them was to pay 100$ for a dev account so you could run unsigned code. That may have changed since they shut down PSM in 2014 (2015?) but as far as I know it's still not a viable option like it is with PSP.
  13. I played league of legends for a couple years. Even the most toxic stuff I've seen in OW isn't even close to an average game of league. As time goes on it seems to be getting more toxic. Mostly stuff relating to someone picking DPS then yelling at the rest of the team for not going double support and triple tank.
  14. Don't get me started on the Vita. It's one of my favorite consoles of all time and Sony is not giving it enough love. It's such a nice piece of hardware. They really should have pushed it harder. Luckily the smaller devs, indies, Japanese devs and a couple Canadian devs are keeping a steady stream of games coming. Over 200 games due this year http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1329852 Still needs a lot of high-end/exclusive love though. EDIT : Sorry for going off topic. :X
  15. My enthusiam diminished when I saw the default controller doesn't have a dpad. In theory this is a great idea but what I want to see would be something more like a ps4 using a vita as a controller. Hell Sony already has a pretty good lead to do this considering their library allows targetting both vita and ps4 with the same(ish) codebase.
  16. +1 bigtime dont make me try to hack hammer to work with the engine
  17. yeah one of the best things about her was she is a great counter to reinhart. Also it looks like they adjusted roadhogs hook so you can't dance around a tree to break free. The era is over before it even began.
  18. Yeah I tried playing bioshock1 a couple times and always got bored about 30-45 mins in and gave up. I've been meaning to give it another try forever. I loved system shock 2. I dont understand why bioshock wasn't appealing to me. I've been playing a LOT of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and I find it really helps cement a point : Street fighter 5 is by many accounts an example of excellent game design while UMVC3 is almost the opposite. The funny thing is Street fighter 5 is the most boring fighting game I've ever played and is also extremely boring to watch while UMVC3 is insane
  19. Yeah I would say 3 is slightly more accessible but 1 has the most impressive world design out of all the games in the series.
  20. Pretty funny that the new counter for roadhog is to dance around a tree It will be interesting to see how this goes down. Dva already had pretty low damage. Interested to see how the overall change feels in game.
  21. Someone else just sent me that gif. That's pure gold. Still though my question is in relation to the cases where you have a successful pull and a buckshot from the face can partially miss.
  22. I heard that there's less of a chance of the hook screwing up and supports being able to get away. Anyone noticed any difference?
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