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  1. I would consider taking a 3 month vacation if they release a level editor
  2. I agree but this is Blizzard. I don't think they would be down with releasing something that isn't super polished. Personally I'd be happy with a collection of half-broken maya python scripts that need to be wrangled to work. On that note. Has anyone looked at the shipping asset files? Maybe I'll take a look sometime. Who knows? Maybe there's enough there to go off of.
  3. Yeah I suspected that was the case. I'm guessing it's very bare bones right now or it's just some light tooling on top of maya/max. If the map compiler and format specs were to be released then maybe someone from the community could make an editor
  4. It looks great but I'm worried it will have God of War's gameplay. Similar to uncharted4. A beautiful game that was super boring. Now if they had platinum design the gameplay for god of war. THEN I would be very interested
  5. We should be friends now!
  6. I will soon, I've been working a lot of overtime so it's been work -> sleep for the last couple days for me
  7. Playing Shantae. I didn't know much about it going in but I'm hooked now. One of the better platformers I've played in recent memory.
  8. You added me on the weekend right? At least I think that was you
  9. I need to check the 3d forums more often! This is on my backlog of stuff to play now
  10. In the game's defense. Grey goo is a known sci-fi term relating to when robots are so small they just appear to be grey goo.
  11. My god. Played my last 4 games last night. 3 of them had 4+ dps on my team. Only 2 of my placement matches didn't have people leave midgame or less than 4 dps's. Final SR after my placement : 1430 (down from 2300). This is gonna be bruuuuuuuutal trying to dig myself out of this hole.
  12. If I'm not such a huge fan of farcry3/4 (I like them, I just didn't like them enough to play for more than 5 hours) will this game still appeal to me?
  13. Yeah I also liked Grey Goo. I feel like that game didn't get the love it deserved. When it was released though it seemed like there was no announcement or anything. I heard about it from the strategy games podcast on the idle thumbs site.
  14. I'm on the DOW3 team but the work I do is mostly engine related. Because of that I constantly get slaughtered by QA and designers when we play games internally :X
  15. I had a bunch of quitters too. In one case we had our last pick be genji when we needed support then we still managed to win 2-0 rounds in illios then the same genji DROPS OUT. BWAAAAAAAA
  16. I found 2 accoutns with teh same name and same avatar. Which one is the correct one?
  17. I just need to get home!
  18. Congrats! I have no idea what my steam account id is haha. Will check when I get home this wknd.
  19. Hahah yeah, I was thinking to myself "why do I need to bother burning these bodies, I'll just kill them" then almost shitting my pants when I thought I was walking through a safe room. After that I couldnt get enough kerosene. Started playing everybody's golf on vita. Pretty fun game. I never thought i'd say that about a golf game.
  20. Yeah that's too much of a commitment but I like the match format of ranked. We need a ranked-casual mode now!
  21. Your SR drops if you don't play enough? I thought maybe I was crazy.
  22. That's all new? Cool! When it asked me at the start about how I like games I think I picked what equates to hard mode. My answer was something like "I like my games to punish me hard." Now I'm bummed out that RE2 remake wont be out for a long time. Oh well I have RE:Zero on the disc.
  23. Do you remember if the zombie burning thing was in the original game? I was talking to a friend about the game and he says he doesn't remember that part.
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