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  1. Sounds potentially vomit inducing Your english is fine
  2. Vanquish. Holy shit this game is good. The control feels so amazing.
  3. Playing a lot of games lately Risk of Rain 2 So fun! Might be my game of 2021. It's been so long since I've played a game so much I'm trying to do every little thing and WISH there was DLC. Hades Fun! Unfortunately it also makes me want to play more risk of rain 2 Need to spend more time with this before I can totally form an opinion. Yakuza Like a Dragon This game is great, it's yakuza mixed with dragon quest. They totally changed the combat system to an active turn based system. Refreshing after having the same system for so long. They have classes and
  4. Ah that's probably why I didn't follow up. I am not a fan of stealth games from that era especially. That said, too many people have told me how great this series is. Will def try at some point this year.
  5. I think I own both those games but have never tried them.. godammit steam... :X Will add the to the list!
  6. Dedicated servers with persistent worlds? This sounds amazing/dangerous. Bought it and am planning to give it a whirl this weekend. From everything I've heard this sounds like it could be very addictive.
  7. So much Risk of Rain2. Had a 3 hour run last night :X Also started the new Yakuza game. So far so good!
  8. AlexM


    FWIW I feel that way about most games I love. I've been playing fighting games for 25 years and still make stupid mistakes. That said I'm always having fun when I play them..... Well 95% of the time
  9. Hot damn. I could deal with the narrow FOV bug now that you pointed out the eyeball nipples I can no longer unsee o_0
  10. I just realized you're in south california. I'm guessing the bay area is even more expensive with all the programmers? One other thing to note is the pay in Vancouver is relatively quite low, even within Canada. It's gone up a lot for tech people lately though because everyone started leaving. I guess that's the one thing many of us here have as an advantage. We aren't necessarily tied to our location by our jobs. After the pandemic stuff subsides I'm going to have to put more thought into where I want to live in the next 10 years.
  11. Whoo boy, you don't want to come to Vancouver then It's 1.6M here
  12. That explains a lot. When I lived in Japan it wasn't THAT much hotter than Vancouver in the summer but I was dying and taking like 5 showers a day. It was however WAY more humid. Most of my neighbors had rice paddy's and they would flood them in May. During that time I felt like I was drowning just breathing air Now I know what people mean when they say "it's not the heat, it's the humidity"
  13. I went on vacation to Montreal a couple years ago in August and absolutely loved it. Way more interesting city that Vancouver when it comes to nightlife and stuff to do. I was seriously considering moving there. I mentioned my thoughts to the security guard at the hotel we were staying and he said "maybe take another vacation here in December before you decide to move here
  14. Ah interesting, I'll have to take a look at that ent file. obj is totally fine too. Never had any problems with it
  15. Nice to have someone else around who knows the pain of FBX Thanks for linking that github. That could be useful in the future. By any chance have you looked at gltf? I notice that Unity and Unreal both support it now. I wonder if the file format is more sane than FBX. Surely it can't be worse haha
  16. Ah I was going to ask about FBX but I know it's a pretty rough format to work with as a programmer so I didn't want to push it I totally agree with you about in regards to your reasoning. Probuilder is great but it's just not the same as some of the older brush editors. TBH I'm not a fan of unreal's brush system. I've often thought about writing a plugin but I have too many projects so I'm glad people like yourself are doing the hard work haha.
  17. Who that's quite an undertaking. How long did it take you to get to this point? congratulations on the release!
  18. AlexM

    Corona Virus

    Not every day you see someone openly admit they want to be in an echo chamber
  19. AlexM


    Working today but after today I'm on holiday and I'm down EDIT : I'll take this match but it's going to be about one move every hour today
  20. AlexM

    Goals for 2021?

    Pass the business language proficiency test for French and Japanese. Besides that the usual get healthier etc etc stuff
  21. AlexM


    Heh well if you get to a point where you want to play other humans let me know. I'm pretty certain I might actually be the worst go player on the planet though.
  22. AlexM


    It's very popular in programming/computer science circles in my experience. As for the go room, it was fun, but the person who ran the go club was absolutely relentless, even the first time I played. Just destroyed me every time Also piece of trivia you may already know. Atari chose it's name after the Atari pattern in go (which in Japanese roughly means "success").
  23. AlexM


    Oh boy when I lived in Japan I had a go phase. We had a traditional go room in our building and one of my foreigner co workers had previously ran the go club at waterloo so he talked is all into playing. To this day I have NEVER beaten the computer.. How are you paying go on computer? I tend to play using gridmaster
  24. AlexM


    Still playing much? My studio shuts down next week for the holidays so I'm planning to get more games in
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