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  1. Thanks for the feed back! I am currently working on: *Reducing image file sizes. (First priority) *Eliminating redundant pictures. *Branding the pics. *Removing splash page. *Adjusting navigation wording. As for the layoffs, it is something I am well aware of. I live in the Dallas area and the town has seen it's share of closings and layoffs. I know of one company that has cut its staff (seems to be mostly artists), but has openings posted for LDs. So, who knows.........
  2. What would be a good file size for my portfolio pics? I would like to reduce size, but not lose too much quality. EDIT* - Gotcha. I am working on reducing file size now. I had converted them, but still left them too large. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, I was wondering if the community would be kind enough to give my portfolio site a good beating. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that any of you might have. Here's the link. Thanks!
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