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  1. Arcane Dimensions: A New Quake World

    I do post some things on Mapcore every now and then, but I mostly feel like I am posting stick diagrams next to full colour oil paintings! I know people here are curious about my artwork, but there is certainly a strong tone at this site for modern / source engine content only. I do try to make my Quake content as presentable and eye catchy as possible, but the real beauty of Quake maps comes from the encounter design and 3D combat spaces, which as we all know is impossible to show in a screenshot. The other issue is that old games are often difficult to setup, can seem expensive to buy and compared to modern games extremely archaic to use! Though they do often have powerful mod tools and a very strong community willing to help out with improving the tools and removing the visual / engine limits. I don't think there is any quick or easy answer to why a community site is orientated the way it is. Maybe people should try doing low poly projects once in a while or try a block out game play level design challenge or maybe encourage or ask questions of people who do make different styles of level design to them. So its back to lurking for me and hiding my low poly pixelated screenshots on the retro gaming sites!
  2. The Bridge Crane (Q3)

    @Sprony, I do have an editor shot of the map, its a crazy large (1Mb) in size but it does show all the decals and stuff over the crane. http://www.simonoc.com/images/design/concept/indust_editor1.jpg @BJA the reason for the high texture size is the resolution of all the texture is 1024x1024 which is essential Quad HD for Q3 as most textures are usually 256x256 at most. I also have 3 different coloured metal versions as well which could be removed to reduce space. @2d-chris thanks man!
  3. The Bridge Crane (Q3)

    The Bridge Crane is an architectural concept exploring the idea of industrial shapes painted in large amounts of concrete and metal. While looking for inspiration and reference I came across some pictures of a Russian Aluminium Processing Plant and it gave me a good understanding of the scale I wanted to create. As some people may realize this is an old project of mine which I recently updated with a Youtube video flying around showing what it looks like in motion. (link below) Full write up on how it was made - http://www.simonoc.com/pages/design/concept/bridgecrane.htm This concept map (no gameplay) was made from 700Mb of textures, 400 models and plenty of HD light maps! Some alternative colour schemes for the textures: Youtube video flying around the map with music by Descara and Camera setup by QMM 1.7
  4. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    AD 1.5 - Return to Firetop Mountain ...
  5. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    More pixels for Arcane Dimensions Update 1.5 http://www.simonoc.com/files/ad/ad_metmon2a.jpg http://www.simonoc.com/files/ad/ad_zendar4a.jpg
  6. I am glad to see this project is getting greater exposure here at mapcore, a fantastic artwork style perfectly blended with procedurally generated level design!
  7. Quake 1 SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions

    Arcane Dimensions consists of eleven maps, full of monsters and weapons to play around with till your hearts content. Download Page - https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/ad_v1_42final.html Remember to apply the patch - https://www.quaddicted.com/filebase/ad_v1_42patch2.zip The MOD is designed to work with the latest version of QuakeSpasm, Darkplaces and MarkV WinQuake. Please follow the installation instructions inside of the readme document included at the root of the zip file.
  8. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @seir, thank you very much, made my day! @2d-chris, errrr now I need a shower!
  9. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    This thread needs more low poly, crispy pixel, retro goodness!
  10. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Hey, thanks everyone for the interest in my funky old Quake map. I know a lot of people here don't have Quake, so I did a quick (comedy) flyby review of the map, hope it makes you smile!
  11. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Sky Eater - Yeah more Quake!
  12. Func Quake MapJam 2

    Unfortunately no, I have other projects I want to spend my time on.
  13. Func Quake MapJam 2

    Over at func for the last month there has been a map jam event running and the final map pack is complete with 8 authors creating new maps. The map jam was based on the theme of IK blue / white and as you can see from the screenshot lots of people created different styles. Download - http://scampie.net/files/maps/func_mapjam2.zip
  14. Q1 - In the Shadows

    @SpronyvanJohnson, This update is about supporting an extra engine (DarkPlaces), the MOD will still work fine with older Fitz like engines (MarkV, QS). A lot of the Quake community and especially newer players want to see more eye candy and I wanted the MOD to look its best if the player wants to use the DarkPlaces engine.
  15. Q1 - In the Shadows

    Some more progress with the DarkPlaces engine ... Full size links - Image 1 Image 2 Image 3