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  1. Some fine work on this page. edit: err.. the previous page.
  2. Hey Björn I actually liked your portfolio! The only thing is I would have the gallery and details on the same page and not have them separated. The details page is nice, seems pretty comprehensive and good as people (including myself) do like to read this kind of stuff though overtime I've tended towards letting my work speak for itself and going for a more minimalistic approach, I think it makes a greater impact.
  3. I was really fond of this one, Red Dawn my Half-Life 1 singleplayer mod. Story takes place in a doomed futuristic city. Would have taken me 300 years to finish though D;
  4. aaron_da_killa

    Last Rain

    thats cool! it looks quite nice
  5. Bunglo maye you could make the lights on the telegraph pole more focused (spot lights) and leave the wall light as diffuse and see how it looks.
  6. That sort of reminds me of Halo Reach. Looking good!
  7. I wish I could model decent trees/shrubs, this inspires me to have another attempt. Nice guide.
  8. The thing I didn't like Jake is that when you open your portfolio, you get a home screen with no images. Then you click on a link and you see a wall of text, so you scroll down and you get tiny thumbnails... somebody that doesn't really know you would lose interest really quickly. Your new design is a bit of an improvement but I think the background is too 'noisy', it's a bit distracting. And the way that the header (your name/title), links and content are in separate boxes (that you can hardly see mind you) makes the elements feel a bit broken, like they're just arbitrarily floating there instead of feeling purposeful, it's just not working and it's not professional looking imo. You need to distinguish the website content from the background more and make the content feel more connected imo, visual continuity. And I think you could make the website more attractive looking. Maybe a good start would be to add an actual banner that contains your name and title, and sexify the links. Maybe the links could be images instead of text? Who knows. I don't think the year needs to be added to the link if it's going to be visible on the main page, it's just taking up too much space.
  9. I don't really like how your work is presented. It follows a very blog-like format and the current colour scheme/layout isn't very attractive to me. And there's a lot of small text and small thumbnails which don't grab my attention, it's just one big blob and I have to inspect closer and for a longer duration to see and understand the work. I think you should try and cut down on those big chunks of text you see and make the thumbnails bigger and more of a focus, maybe use up some more horizontal space too.
  10. Cool portfolio. I love the how you put a 3D version of your work up and i like how you can click shaded/wireframe/textured/3d and it nicely cross fades. In fact im pleased with the manner in which you present your work, the information at the bottom and the images on the right that load in a light box etc. The only big issue for me is the website takes too long to load. The text at the bottom is too dark as well, it looks like it's being overlayed by something but in actual fact it's just really dark. Might also want to update the copyright to 2011.
  11. This is inspiring. I have a major project this year where we have to make a game and I've been debating weather it should be 2D or 3D and seeing this makes me want to go 3D, with generated levels like this!
  12. Looks great, nice level design and custom content!
  13. Whoa that's cool. Is this going to me a mindcraft clone?
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