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    You're not wrong : ) Its not intentional but even though it was ages ago since I've played on tides I still remember the first time I played it and that I thought that bombsite looked interesting. The issue with it was, if I remember correct, that it had no cover, you always had to plant out in the open. And you also couldnt plant in the tunnel : )
  2. kaka


    Ah I see, Im gonna have to think about what to do with B. The plant below B is intented, its a feature The A radar was a bug, the bomb trigger brush was in the right place and there was nothing at the alley close to CT spawn where the A letter were on the minimap. I deleted the brush and made a new one and it now works.. I'm gonna shorten the head peak fighting place and A long overall, they are way too long. Interesting idea with the door, I havent thought about that. Mid is definitly too tight for 10v10 but I want to test it in a more match like scenario before I change that. I dont think it will be as chaotic in 5v5. And my gut feeling tells me this mid can be interesting even though its not the standard kind of mid. They cant smoke it off forever and you can counter smoke if you want. I might be wrong but im gonna go with this mid, atleast for now Yeah I think I'm gonna remove a couple of the deep doorways, they dont really fill a purpose.
  3. kaka


    Thanks for the feedback! its very helpful I agree that A long that is too long and the whole B area is too big. Im leaning on that beeing the problem more then the overall size of the map cause its not really that big, timings are on par with d2 and playable area is only slightly larger than d2. Im thinking of maybe removing the big rock and half the yard, the idea of it was to break up the path and make it harder for ct to hold with an awp, that they had to take more then one angle into consideration but it doesnt seem to work as planned. The compile time is pretty fast I think, it takes about 1,5 hours to full compile. Its vvis and lighting of props that seems to take the longest for me but yes I still need to optimze it : ) And its good that it seems to work well visually : )
  4. kaka


    Made a gif of the layout changes so far, from the first playtest to now:
  5. kaka


    New update with gameplay changes and some graphical improvements: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=556558905
  6. Congratulations! It would be great if you said something about the maps too, like what you like about them and what they did well to score the highest in the three judging criterias, I'm especially curious about the fun factor.
  7. kaka


    Hi, here is my entry. Nerone is a defuse map set in an Italian mountain village. A crime family wants revenge after one of their bosses was ratted out of his hiding place in the village. It's a standard 3 lane map where owning mid gives the option of A and B splits. Both bombsites have lots of intresting strategic options avaliable both for the attackers and defenders. I've designed both main attack paths so that there are choke areas instead of choke points to make the gameplay more fluid and the T's more comfortable attacking. Size has been an issue before but its now only slightly bigger then dust2 and has similar rotation times so that should be fine. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=509438456
  8. @'RZL Could you switch the date of my playtest to the 12th?
  9. kaka


    Update: changed timings 1st path to A and mid reworked 2nd path to A new T connector for rotating purposes detailed ct spawn moved A closer to the T side removed, moved and added some cover on A and B added second path to "A long"
  10. kaka


    Yes there is one more ct route to B and one route that connects mid to A on the ct side but the point was that from a T perspective there is 3 places to fight A, B and mid and yes there are issues I need to fix. I think the playtesting has been invaluable, lots of good things I'm going to change have been suggested. These are all routes/connectors: I agree, the idea wasnt that the bridge should be the main place for ct's to defend that bombsite, but in current condition its just too good. Mid is narrow, Im going to make it bigger, but its a single smoke for T's too so you can close the path you dont want to go and focus on the other one I'm going to change the entrance to B so that T's feel safer and can check one area at a time and also remove CT cover It was, when fnuggi played T it was planted lots of times. Whatever team he was on won 19 rounds out of 20, he was wrecking everyone : )
  11. kaka


    Hey! The thing is, it is a 3 lane map, with one connector and a possibility for T's to open up 1 additional path to each bombsite. So even though it feels very complex it isn't really that complex. What I think isn't working and making it look more complex than it is: The path to A beeing to ct sided making them able to wreck the T's and quickly flank mid The second path to b beeing too long, too many turns and not it is obvious where it will lead. I need to guide the player better. I also plan to simplify alot of things all around the map : )
  12. kaka


    ​Added which spawn is which to the layout ​In general I agree but with this one I wanted to test if I could make one area pretty enough first before doing the layout. Its been my weak spot in the past and its kinda important ​No but you can download it from here if you want: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4x2X2qRu3EoUmU2U3l3TjZoVkU
  13. kaka


    Hey, I've been working on a map for a while and now feel its ready for some playtesting : )
  14. kaka

    [CS:GO] de_acceleration

    Some feedback from the playtest yesterday: I really like the main paths to a and b from both a ct and t perspective, there's plenty of interesting ways to fight and take cover. I think there needs to be a way to get to the A plant site from the upper part of the bombsite without having to either jump over the railing or running out of the bombsite and back. Something like a staircase. I also think it would be great if there was a way to quickly get on the B plant site without having to jump over the railing, like an opening in the railing. Jumping and shooting isn't very fun in cs go It would be great if there was a way to plant on B and be safe from the tunnel entries
  15. I would like to see de_island, I think it is the most interesting map from a gameplay perspective
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