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    Map Jam 9 for Quake

    You just need a modern port such as Quakespasm 0.92.1 or FitzQuake Mark V, as well as this version of Quoth 2.2. All you need to do then is follow the instructions in the readme file that's found in the Jam 9 archive, though the -heapsize 65536 command was introduced by error and should be ignored.
  2. Skacky

    Map Jam 9 for Quake

    Hey MapCore! Map Jam 9 for Quake was released a couple of days ago. It was a month-long mapping event held by grumpy old farts on func_msgboard as a tribute to Contract Revoked for its 15th anniversary, which is a classic and game-changing episode by Kell released back in 2002. This jam features a whopping 15 maps; some small, some absolutely enormous, some made by beginners, some made by veterans, all using to some degree the incredible texture set Kell made for his unique, Lovecraft-heavy vision of Quake, and all made for the excellent mod Quoth that was co-authored by Kell as well (with necros and Preach). And if this wasn't enough, Kell himself came out of retirement to grace us with his mapping prowess specifically for this event, with a very one-of-a-kind map! You can download the pack here. Any fan of Quake, first person shooters and level design in general owe it to themselves to check this out.
  3. I'm fine as I don't live in Paris. All my friends who live there are all safe and sound.
  4. Finished working on this small Q1SP for the Quake Episode 4 retrojam on func_msgboard.
  5. You can even play it on the PC with Doom 64 EX, and it's awesome. Music and sound effects are really really good. I'm so spoiled with them I play Doom 1 and 2 with Smooth Doom + Doom 64's weapon sprites and sounds. Personally I rank it higher than Doom 2 because of better level design and higher difficulty (Watch Me Die is proper hard). The Ultimate Doom is still my favorite though.
  6. And Doom 64. Don't forget Doom 64.
  7. You are no true Doom-er until you've played Sunder on UV.
  8. This was genuinely one of the best films I've ever seen. Manages to be even better than Mad Max 2 which is no small feat.
  9. When are we going to be able to play this beauty? I've been drooling over this for too long.
  10. Remember my WIP? You can download it now, it's included in the fifth map jam! Grab it on Quaddicted: https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/func_mapjam5.html

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    2. Skacky


      Quakespasm is the best sourceport to play singleplayer Quake these days. Just extract it to your Quake folder and you're pretty much set. It can play maps that utterly smash the original limits without any problem. Quake Injector is a handy program that lets you sort maps by rating, so you should play all 4 and 5 star maps (about a dozen of them are not yet rated so they're at the bottom/top of the list if you sort by rating). As far as specific releases go, I'd say The Horde of Z...

    3. Skacky


      The Horde of Zendar and the Rubicon Rumble Pack are must-play.

    4. blackdog


      Thanks, I'll take a look at the game on Steam and eyes on packs... I don't own Quake :$ I played when it came out borrowed from a friend, had multiple pirated copies for the LANs, but yeah, never felt the need for it until now that so much stuff seems to come out.

  11. What you see is possible thanks to the awesome new compilers and the ambient occlusion that was introduced a couple of months ago. I was going to ask what version of Q1 was this, I knew it was cos you always pay that sort of work, but the textures are amazingly higher resolution, are they? They're mostly 256*256 (which is quite big for Quake).
  12. Nope, it's a singleplayer map. I could convert it for MP rather easily though. What you see is possible thanks to the awesome new compilers and the ambient occlusion that was introduced a couple of months ago.
  13. Been working on this for Map Jam 5 on func_msgboard. Deadline is April 8th and there's tons of stuff to do. EDIT: 800 pages of awesome!
  14. I think Hatred looks like pure garbage but I'm glad Steam decided to bring it back, if only for artistic freedom. Still not interested in that game at all though. What I find extremely funny and something I see again and again is people trying to shut it down made it even more popular. They never learn.
  15. More Quake. Made that in 30-ish hours for Sock's second retro jam. It ain't really retro in terms of visuals but gameplay is rather oldschool with ambushes and wind tunnels (think e3m5 but way smaller).
  16. Sure. You can safely mute the streams as I was just playing music. That's a total of around 19 hours. I'll see if I can download these and make a sped-up version and upload it on my YT channel. Part 1: http://www.twitch.tv/skacky/b/591543362 Part 2: http://www.twitch.tv/skacky/b/591549777 Part 3: http://www.twitch.tv/skacky/b/591556564 Part 4: http://www.twitch.tv/skacky/b/591656402 Part 5: http://www.twitch.tv/skacky/b/591699499 Part 6: http://www.twitch.tv/skacky/b/591897952 Part 7: http://www.twitch.tv/skacky/b/591992907
  17. I made this small level for Sock's Q1RetroJam in about 20 hours (I used no prefabs except some lights I ended up tweaking anyway). I also streamed the whole process. I doubt the gameplay is any good but 'twas fun.
  18. Skacky

    [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Blast from the past! Looks great as always.
  19. I like what I see, everything seems to be much better than HotS. These new Terran units are ridiculously OP though, and I'm saying that as a player who's been maining Terran since StarCraft 1.
  20. Yeah. It's called Satellite Reign and a pre-alpha has been released for high-tier backers. It's pretty neat.
  21. A true sequel to Thief DS S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Kingpin 2 A new Metro game (but with the open-worldness of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) Fallout 3 (isometric/Van Buren style)
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k0TBp1iZVY
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