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  1. Freak

    [Portal] Conundrum

    really awesome gameplay!
  2. Freak

    KotH_Switcheroo Beta 4

    looks like some awesome gameplay here good work insta
  3. thats not impressive thats fucking awesome! o.O
  4. i dont know if it was in your mind but i like the idea of seperating both sides with full snow and only a bit snow on the ground keep it up
  5. Freak


    better detail in your 3d-skybox and not so blocky destructions and it´d be much better
  6. Freak

    The Technodome (Hl2dm)

    yeh, drift was also the first thing i thought about good work
  7. tbh, seems like thats is really boring
  8. But I have that in every game ;D watch that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
  9. seems like i´m the only one who really enjoys aion here I haven´t played very much yet because of my long work times but i like it so far, i´ma lvl 13 templar. And, imo, flying is awesome EDIT: I even have my custom graphic settings...
  10. That big purple-blue dinosaur doesn´t seem to be a real enemy for its size
  11. Freak

    [TF2] koth_moonshine

    I like your lightning around that controlpoint building
  12. whoaa thats too awesome!! EDIT: i should mention that i also dislike the gaps between the monitors, and the monitor setup at all, one is enough, but what you can see on those monitors.. old one, yeh, but awesome!
  13. well Spicy, i´m gonna use your thread, i don´t wanna create a new one for one question So i created a voxel cave a few minutes ago (I did it with the tutorial of JeanPaul´s link above). My problem now is that i cannot walk inside that cave because the voxel doesn´t have any collisions, not only for the player, also for npc´s and objects.. Is there a way to enable voxel collision? EDIT: ok, got it, i´ve scaled the voxel object, thats where the error came from
  14. Freak


    in the second last picture theres a walkway over the road, but noone can get ontop of that walkway cuz there are no doors or something (gameplay-wise: are you able to jump on there from one of these roofs?) its kinda weird the road is still to clean btw
  15. i only dont like the dark shadow of the table, rest is cool
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