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  1. Freak

    [Portal] Conundrum

    really awesome gameplay!
  2. Freak

    KotH_Switcheroo Beta 4

    looks like some awesome gameplay here good work insta
  3. thats not impressive thats fucking awesome! o.O
  4. i dont know if it was in your mind but i like the idea of seperating both sides with full snow and only a bit snow on the ground keep it up
  5. Freak


    better detail in your 3d-skybox and not so blocky destructions and it´d be much better
  6. Freak

    The Technodome (Hl2dm)

    yeh, drift was also the first thing i thought about good work
  7. tbh, seems like thats is really boring
  8. But I have that in every game ;D watch that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
  9. seems like i´m the only one who really enjoys aion here I haven´t played very much yet because of my long work times but i like it so far, i´ma lvl 13 templar. And, imo, flying is awesome EDIT: I even have my custom graphic settings...
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