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  1. I did a thing: SketchFab: https://skfb.ly/6CFy8
  2. Nice start Radu! Are there any tutorials or guidelines on this "Wingman" -mode? I couldn't really find any, besides how to play it (which I do know after few matches I've had). Just asking, 'cuz I got also interested on making a map or two for this.
  3. Hahaha, that's so on point! It's almost like real footage from a random Competitive-match. I would be the Widow or S76 probably in this video.
  4. I'm gonna add you even though you said "..and have fun", it's not how game's are mean't to be played! I haven't played OW too much lately, just occasionally.
  5. I was too, when I launched it again. Not sure what was wrong with it the first time. Installer looked different the second time. Also the point is, that when you have Steam, Bethesda Launcher, uPlay, Origin, Blizzard App, GOG.com, you start to think "Isn't it enough already?". It also means, I have to re-add all my friends again on another game-launcher. Would be great, if these just integrated with Discord or something, so my friends would sync between all of these game-launchers.
  6. So, this is the only place to get it on PC? https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/buy-now/battle-royale I'm not really into having another launcher on my PC to update and manage some of my games. EDIT: Ha, it's not even letting me to change the path for install. Maybe some friend has this on console so I can try this. Otherwise, was fun being hyped.
  7. I can't find this at all in Steam. Is this actually released yet or am I missing something?
  8. What the fuck? If you throw, I throw. *picks Bastion and walks backwards to pit constantly*
  9. It's good to take a break, but I still recommend just muting everyone and playing your own thing. Overwatch's community is rather toxic indeed and can cause a lot of headache if you're taking it more seriously than your random-teammates. Blizzard should come up with a way to catch these trolls and suspend them for a while or throw them with rest of their kind. Sucks that players who play well and behave, have nothing they can do to those kind of players. I think it has become worse than how things were before. Game is over a year old and many things related to matchmaking are still almost the same, so it frustrates people. Competitive feels like it's not about that much skill (I've compared my S76 stats to a friend of mine in top500/4300 SR: I'm better in some areas, but maybe 1-3% worse on some, yet we have ~1000 SR difference), but more about getting lucky and grinding your way forward. :/
  10. The content is free forever, that's how I understood it (as they mentioned the content being free and the free weekend separately). I would've paid for SP-content too or for the possibility to co-op the story. The whole multiplayer is very average to me at least. It's pretty, but I need some tight gameplay too that gets me going. I agree the SnapMap is very restricting and at times, in a very weird ways. I first thought that SnapMap would be about just having tons of tilesets, not maybe in the smallest scale, and other content to create very unique maps for both SP and MP. However, it is just pre-made big prefabs that don't always fit together well even if they snap and they're not that modular. When I got the game and finished it, I played around in SnapMap for some tens of hours, but got nothing finished really, as it didn't satisfy the needs I had to create content.
  11. I read about this some days ago, then forgot it. My SSD reminded me of it today, when it was showing red for space running out and I noticed Steam had paused Doom's update because it couldn't fit it.
  12. Doomfist seems like pretty bad ass hero! Also, some quick look at its abilities: I can't wait! Gonna be Doomfist-main!
  13. Yes, it is really a thing. Around the release time of the game, I wanted to subscribe to Overwatch's sub-reddit. When I was searching for "Overwatch", the porn-subreddit of it was on top of the searches, not the actual game.
  14. Looks cool, but also _very_ busy.
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