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  1. The content is free forever, that's how I understood it (as they mentioned the content being free and the free weekend separately). I would've paid for SP-content too or for the possibility to co-op the story. The whole multiplayer is very average to me at least. It's pretty, but I need some tight gameplay too that gets me going. I agree the SnapMap is very restricting and at times, in a very weird ways. I first thought that SnapMap would be about just having tons of tilesets, not maybe in the smallest scale, and other content to create very unique maps for both SP and MP. However, it is just pre-made big prefabs that don't always fit together well even if they snap and they're not that modular. When I got the game and finished it, I played around in SnapMap for some tens of hours, but got nothing finished really, as it didn't satisfy the needs I had to create content.
  2. I read about this some days ago, then forgot it. My SSD reminded me of it today, when it was showing red for space running out and I noticed Steam had paused Doom's update because it couldn't fit it.
  3. Doomfist seems like pretty bad ass hero! Also, some quick look at its abilities: I can't wait! Gonna be Doomfist-main!
  4. Yes, it is really a thing. Around the release time of the game, I wanted to subscribe to Overwatch's sub-reddit. When I was searching for "Overwatch", the porn-subreddit of it was on top of the searches, not the actual game.
  5. Looks cool, but also _very_ busy.
  6. I want to play it! Looks so cool!
  7. Blazko's "characteristics": No jump, no up/down looking.
  8. One thing I tried to figure out: Is that Unreal Editor 4 or does it just look so similar? I haven't used UE4 for so many months, so can't remember how it looked lik exactly. Why I'm wondering this? Because, I want to make maps for Overwatch already!
  9. I don't really "main" anything. I play what is effective and/or needed (sometimes team doesn't know what they need). This Season though, I'm going with something new and added Bestion and WindowBreaker into the usual S76, Pharah, Zarya, Tracer mix.
  10. I'm currently @ 3261 SR. Overbuff says it's top 12%, MasterOverwatch says it's top 19%. Also, I started this Season from ~2700 SR (last Season's high was +3500 SR, but final ~3100 SR).
  11. Did you try checking from the "All Games" button from lower-left corner of the Bethesda Launcher? I found my Quake being there (while not being there in the "main list". Sure, it doesn't fix the problem, but at least you don't have to re-install the game again.
  12. Yea, there are still few occasions where low-models give advantage. Also low/medium-lighting is better too, as the bloom isn't too bright then. This is most apparent in Gibraltar when holding between server room and 1st point, while looking towards the sniper platform on top of tunnel. The sky is so bright, it's difficult to see enemy team's skinny heroes there sometimes. Despite those, game's so pretty, I don't think it's really degrading for graphics to have some settings set to low. I have otherwise all the rest on Ultra I think. I need to maintain that 144fps though all the time.
  13. Low-model settings, and the drapes are le goné.
  14. I like all of 'em and want all of 'em! I'm sure there are tons more coming, because I remember "Jeffrestler" (the wrestler) in some video mentioning about Hanjo skins being worked on.
  15. Focus on few heroes only, mostly DPS (other classes get way less SR gains, even though they drop just like the others).