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  1. wasn't you saying this game was good?
  2. Nexus


    sorry but i had to edit this for a better veracity
  3. sorry to say but this game spore is boring and.. it's for small kids haha
  4. what the hell will this shit never stop? Man. I don't even know. http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/stor ... 12,00.html
  5. I do. but not as much as you on mapping. OOOOOOOOOOH what ya gon do now cuz u got ppooooownedz huh what u tryna ct cool u gonna git a shot fo fo
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    i keep fit because my woman loves me all men ain't fit
  7. Nexus


    This is absolutely normal what you says haha. When I started jogging I jogged somewhere 2 km only. And that was sufficient for me. I remember I couldn't breathe good as I run the last stretch. Then I imidiatly drank alot of water. Why did you begun by jogging so much? Where did you hurry in the first day? Well.. you know.. when you start it's the most hardest part but I promise, believe me - who knows. After 2 - 3 weeks of regular, determinated jogging your condition, state, will meliorate some. Rule 1: In the first day run 2 - 3 km, then begin after some time run 4 - 5, et.c But if you quit jogging, you have to do it all over again. But the best anaerobic exercise is from my point of view swimming. It gives so much: good stamina, good condition and a feeling of life. :-| too bad i don't run more in the woodlands.
  8. ok so they didn't learn their lesson then?
  9. And I wont pay. Only the best games as half*life, bf2 and crysis recieve my cash.
  10. I did not like SCS so much. All said it's gonna be good but not as good as I expected. I hope some patch would fix the game (it freezes all the time).
  11. hey don't read this if you love stalker. Stalker CS is one of the biggest disapointmenst i've seen so far. This is what happends when you let publishers change "DEEP SILVER" did it. Visuals: nothing new, ok i like the god rays "sun rays" it adds more atmos but we have seen it in crysis too. Voulumetric smoke? wet surfaces? u have to be f***k joking me - this is so bullsh**t. it looks so-so not to good, you know what i'm sayin? Gameplay: one of the biggest issues ever. I hate the new map system, the new factions it's ok haha - factions and so what about that you join dem and it ends there. the upgrade repair dudes everywhere in everytown it's ridicolous - in SSOC there were more exploring then shooting this game is focusin on action. I don't like being rushed. You get to swamp and get thrown into stupid battle swarmed by stalkers from all "bases" on the map. this is nothing you should spend money on comeone. No it sucks honestly. inventory: sucks. ugly. bad. horrible. terrible. no stamina bar. repair your armor ? WTF! and use geiger meters - uh oh what? no need for them anyway anytime. map: old as oold. the swamp area is the ONE new now. all t he other sh**t is 50 / 50 old new and did I paid money to see cordon again? sound: it's ok, but fucking anoying; "the dudes say all the same all the time". and the weapon sounds are replaced . I could write 2 pages i swear I could but I stop here. And you may ask yourself why do I play this game then`? "cause I hope that it gets better in the end". overall: this game is ruined now. and the end is more ruined now. and all they did is just a waste of time and resources when they made this game. this game is over-hyped and I just made the HYPE DIE. DIE STALKER CLEAR SKY. I'm so glad i did not buy this game i got it ripped off torrent from TPB. This game failed at failing.
  12. sorry but this thread have no meaning - stop posting off-the wall theories
  13. are you f**n stupid? where are you from my fellow, the cave? seriusly if you work with computers it should be obvious for you that computers use the binary numeral system or base2 system that represents numeric values using two symbols, usually 0 and 1. AHAAHAHA you don't even know
  14. this is true, this is so true. even if you're using windows it does not belong to you, only the hardware in your pc do. so
  15. is tis game good? is tis game better den SSOC?
  16. bough crysis complete pack on steam and i can say have played warhead much. it's really good but it crashes all the fucking time
  17. the fuck is this shit about? it's only a game lol.. haha
  18. tattoos never get away and it's fugly
  19. the movie seven is good, very very good... yeah
  20. i have not seen this movie yet. shame on me: let me tell you somewthing worse: I missed LOTR 3 and , you read it right, after 4 years I finally see it. haha.. :wink:
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