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  1. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/61598 In an amazing move, they actually show gameplay.
  2. Oh hai mapcorez. Now I'm officially 21. I decided to go with this: http://www.music123.com/Fender-CD-160-S ... 9.Music123 because they have a 45 day return policy, free shipping, and for 400 bucks, it's hard to feel regret. I did see a Martin 12 string on Craigslist for about $695, but that was a bit more than I was willing to spend on my first 12 string. Redgardless, thanks for the input guys.
  3. Oh shit yes. I swear to god I'd buy ten guitars from the first company with the common sense to have "six string" and "twelve string" as seperate categories on their site.
  4. It's that time of year again guyses, almost my birthday and ever since I picked up guitar last spring I've wanted a nice 12-string acoustic. My first choice was a Yamaha, which was going for 330-something on Amazon. Recently a local shop had an Aria (Ovation) for around 289, and even an Epiphone for under 170 then my family basically said that wasn't really expensive enough, and they suggested I might want a semi-electric once in a while, so I'm glancing at more expensive Fenders and Deans now, but I still don't want to spend money to the point where I'm afraid to scratch it. What do you
  5. I was just a few feet from that guy at a big roadster show in January. I would've said hello or something but he was on camera...
  6. Unless all three console manufacturers make some serious strategy changes I don't see much future for consoles either. The only major sellers this generation have been cash injected first party titles like Halo and Killzone, or third party games that fell victim to bullshit exclusivity deals like GTA4. Even Modern Warfare 2 had a special edition 360 for it. Remember, U.S. network TV was tip top a few years back with American Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race, CSI, etc. What'd they do? Franchised the shit out of it. Now they're losing ground all the time. Game companies are doing the same thing.
  7. It would appear that most Call of Duty clans prefer paying for their own servers. I think Radiant was probably the biggest hindrance in COD4's mod potential. I never got past the startup crash. And good god, people shouldn't be all hush hush about how a game works until the last minute. Can this IWNet disable individual perks? Can I turn off the AC-130? Can I join a game in progress? Do I get penalized for leaving matches in progress? I have no idea, but the game's out in... 2 weeks?
  8. Does anyone who wants a realistic game play Call of Duty though?
  9. They tore down the original Jesus statue and replaced it with a LEGO duplicate in 2002. It was a cheap ploy for tourism, but it worked.
  10. Yeah, if the community is small you shouldn't even give out tools. Doom 3 and Crysis don't have as many mods going for them as Half-Life 2 does, so they shouldn't have even released the SDK's.
  11. Funny you should mention that, as: http://kotaku.com/5384290/dice-makes-hay-with-dedicated-server-controversy
  12. That's not the point. It did damn good for a PC game despite loads of competition, and it wasn't perfect, either. Remember pnkbstrA.exe? I do. Just like I remember people wanting airstrikes and helicopters as SERVER OPTIONS.
  13. I'm glad, basically. It was really losing its shine to me and just kinda looks ugly. All the gameplay videos just show a spamfest of screen text i.e. kill streak, who you killed and the gamertag, what challenge you just did, to the point where it looks like something from Ghost in the Shell. And the way it's crammed with every trendy futureweapon kids ask for is just yuck. SCAR, ACR, Tavor, Kriss, AA-12, it's complete fanservice. Correct me if I'm wrong, here, but wasn't Call of Duty 4 one of if not the best selling PC game of 2007, despite coming out around the same time as Crysis, UT3,
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