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  1. Good call, I've had my eye on that mod for some time.
  2. You must know Mr. McCloughry then?
  3. Crispy

    Mapping - A Process

    Flat and blocky can always be brought out and made more interesting later on. Even if you run out of ideas when you come back to it, the internet is an amazing source for unique architectural styles that you can adapt to fit your work. If you keep getting bogged down on the details early on you'll never complete that ever-important first map. Look at it this way: if you get hung up on something not being right the rest of the map will never happen. On the other hand if you ignore it for the time being (as long as the general layout fits the gameplay) there is nothing stopping you from coming back to it.
  4. Crispy

    Mapping - A Process

    Hourences is right. There's always a way to work in what you want if you agree to make certain concessions. Maybe if you give us an example we can come up with some workarounds?
  5. Yeah, he needs one! By the way, if anyone is still interested, we still have a couple of spots to fill. If you're interested in applying we're now reviewing ALL applications for the level designer positions. We'll also be on the lookout for environment artists for LD prop support as well, and for this side we're more flexible on people ducking in, doing maybe 4-5 pieces for their portfolio and then bowing out. So send me an email (with links to examples) if that's something you might be interested in.
  6. Oh god they got you working with Clayman! You have my deepest sympathies!
  7. You are forgetting that having a gameplay vid will atract developers -> speed up progress.. No, I'm really not. We don't want lots more devs working on ND, we already have 14 active members. All we need right now is level designers and that doesn't merit lost time on a gameplay vid.
  8. That happened over a year ago now, I'm glad you're basing your opinions on current events. Dave was in charge when that happened, he even posted the damn public apology on our forums, so it's clear he took responsibility for it. Please get your facts straight before you go accusing our team members of things we weren't in control of. As for how far we are in development, any successful applicant will see precisely how far on we are when they join the team and have the opportunity to play it first-hand. If people aren't satisfied with our claims I'm sure you'll hear about it soon enough, but we honestly don't have the time to make a gameplay vid just to quash a few rumours that don't really have any bearing on our progress.
  9. This is true, but it's such a double-edged sword for us. What good are great artists if they leave befire they finish what they started? I want to make it clear we're more looking for people dedicated to the mod itself, who want to help create and design an enjoyable game experience than people who are only looking for an extra 'beauty piece' for their portfolio or whose sole intention is to use us as a bridge to the game industry. Obviously if the gameplay for ND is as solid as we intend it to be and the released maps play well enough to keep people interested, your work could well be in the spotlight and if you are looking, opportunities will arise. But for this reason we will probably be pretty tight on showcasing any map until it's finished or near enough there. Anyone who looks like a flake or who turns out to be a flake will be ejected faster than they can say "got headhuntz?". We haven't got time for anyone who hasn't got time for us.
  10. It'll stain the mod as long as people punish the remaining dev team for someone else's behaviour. Thanks for not being one of them.
  11. Am I the only one that finds that weird? I agree this might come across as a bit pompous because of the awkward way I worded it, but I only put this in to make it clear we absolutely only want people who can put a decent amount of thought into their work before even beginning to map it. There are a bunch of reasons why the word 'layout' is so important to us. For example, ND has dynamic 'take and hold' spawn locations so a solid layout is paramount to the map being balanced. I've since removed it since it's obviously doing more harm than good. Nevertheless, I don't think this is an unreasonable request and we're absolutely not only looking for professional level designers. In fact, I'd far rather take on someone who has a decent grasp of level design and enough time to dedicate to the project than an industry professional who will probably be shattered from work half the time and be difficult to get hold of. The fact is whoever we take on will get a huge amount of support from the design document I'm writing up, from myself for the design, from focused playtests designed to stress test their map, and art support from a group of talanted individuals if needed. Asking for intelligent and reliable people to spend those resources on isn't a big thing in my opinion.
  12. I'm quite happy to talk candidly about ND with whoever wants to. The fact is there are plenty of people in the HL2 mapping community who know how to make beautiful, beautiful maps but who don't know the first thing about designing a spawn room with spawn camp protection or making sure both teams arrive at the centre of the map at the same time. We are far more interested in the design side than anything else because that will keep the mod alive. In fact, not all of our game modes require prop-heavy maps. One of the things Dave managed to do (almost to the mod's detriment) was push the bar far higher than could realistically be sustained. Regrettably a certain precedent has now been set for the artwork and to go considerably below that isn't an option. The fact of the matter is we're being very up-front about what we want from the outset. Some of our current members have been actively working on the mod for over three years now and do not want to spend another 12 months waiting for a release because we've ended up with a bunch of half-finished maps. We've been there before and it's a monumental waste of time for everyone concerned. Our goals are realistic, that's why our 'help wanted' posts have to be the same. I'd much rather be honest and exact about what we're looking for than be vague about our expectations and end up wasting people's time. Only because it's the first thing you see when you visit the website. We also have a pretty decent story written up that could help spark some imaginative ideas in certain level designers' minds. I'm of the firm belief that you can design better for a game if you actually are enthused enough by the concept to genuinely want to play and experience it. Nevertheless I've removed this part as it's pretty extraneous and perhaps misleading. Like I said, Dave's long gone. Please don't judge the current members of the team by the actions of those that are no longer a part of it. If you have any questions I'm happy to answer them.
  13. Nuclear Dawn is a team multiplayer FPS game with RTS elements that will be releasing before the year is out (at the very latest). If you think you have what it takes and want to see your work alongside Robert Briscoe's (littlelostpoly.co.uk - still contributing to ND), keep reading... There are 3 game modes in total to choose from, offering plenty of scope for most proficient mutiplayer level designers. We have existing assets for both a Japanese urban and Russian abandoned base setting. We're not looking to hold anyone's hand on this, you'd be expected to take ownership and 'commission' artwork from fellow artists or produce it yourself. A mature work ethic is required, but we're not slave-drivers. We just don't have time for timewasters as we are very committed to our internal release deadline. Here is some of our most recent work: Plenty more media over at: www.nuclear-dawn.net Level Designers We are hoping to have 2 to 3 additional maps to unleash on the masses upon ND's release, and are therefore seeking level designers (note: not 'mappers') who can plan and think out a level so that it plays well in addition to looking pretty. Successful applicants will be provided with a full briefing document detailing the main gameplay aspects of Nuclear Dawn and the requirements to create an official map (something like this but more detailed on the design front). In addition to this they can expect design, art and playtest support. We are looking for individuals with: [*:lhrtk8zb]an understanding of and appreciation for the visual style of Nuclear Dawn [*:lhrtk8zb]the ability to manage their own map project, from monitoring their own workflow to managing other 3D and 2D artists [*:lhrtk8zb]the ability to create their own models and textures (preferable, not essential) [*:lhrtk8zb]the ability to communicate, understand and be understood in English [*:lhrtk8zb]the ability to produce a fully tested map within a short timeframe (we are not looking for beginner or intermediate mappers) [*:lhrtk8zb]the time, dedication and determination to commit to this goal (no double-modding, it's not fair to either team)If you know someone who possesses these qualities, please have them send an introduction email with links to examples of their completed work and a paragraph for each example on how they went about designing the level to: crispynuclear-dawnnet Note: applications that do not meet these requirements will not receive a reply Since this is a Level Design community I'm happy to devote more time to anyone from here who'd like a bit more of a chat about where we're at, what we're expecting, what we can provide, etc. Just PM me or email me your MSN and I'll go through things in a bit more detail. [Edit] Btw our team page will be updated shortly to reflect the current team.
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