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  1. awesome can't think of any other features than making displacements based of a heightmap image although there are some other ways to do that
  2. Pampers


    maybe all this hype have raised everyones expectations a bit high?
  3. Way to many outdoor maps have their ambient lighting setting too low, creating an unnatural contrast between lit and shadowed areas, so it's important to play around with the different settings on the light_environment until you are happy with your result. Also, when placing fog in your map I would recommend setting the fog colour to something similar to the 2d skybox texture for best results
  4. Pampers

    go-kart model

    hmm, face is not cute enough, rest is fab
  5. beautiful work there BJA, really nice
  6. got inspired looking at screens from Uncharted so I made this little scene:
  7. We didn't add detailsprites to the grass material because of game play reasons. Afaik the detailsprites are client based and can be turned off via console commands and we didn't want the players to be able to "cheat" that way. If i wanted the map to just be a pretty map I would of course have added detailsprites We tested some self made grass models like this: but it didn't look good at distance due to mipmapping etc. both are old screens
  8. stuff like dead wood and rocks are there but are not shown in those screens, also those screens especially the last one is taken from a very large open place and we all know the source engine...heh. I've done a lot of optimization though, but I guess there is always some more that could be done. Here are some screens showing of a bit more dense area
  9. moar shots props were made by Rick_D
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