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  1. I wouldn't mind a new Splinter Cell
  2. Played the remaster on the switch as well. A nice little nostalgia trip, but the games didn't age that well. Especially the first game
  3. does anyone actually use itch.io? or is it just indie developers buying each others games on there?
  4. Agree with that, but still impressive what they've managed to do with the Source engine
  5. there is a lot of straight up wrong things in that article, especially in the sentence you quoted, not sure if I even understand it. Looks like the person who wrote it just writes stuff he/she wants to be true
  6. feels like a fresh mod, with some exciting spin on familiar gameplay
  7. Had a week off when this game was released, would never had finished it otherwise
  8. I grew up with Half-Life Times have changed though, in 2018, valve charges us money to be able to project a bitmap onto bsp
  9. Way above any expectations I had! well done!
  10. Yeah never liked that all the remakes modernized all the technology. Only crt monitors inside black mesa plz. On a related note, this channel is amazing on everything related to Half-Life 1
  11. must have felt amazing hitting that shot
  12. some beautiful goals so far
  13. Belgium-Tunisia was such a refreshing match, no filming, stalling, arguing with the judge and lots of goals no divas, just soccer players behaving like adults
  14. I'm liking this VAR thing more and more
  15. The creator used to post gifs from this game in the WIP threads around 3 years ago if not more
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