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Status Updates posted by Pampers

  1. New cover photo thingy is sweet

    1. Sprony


      Did I just read that for real?

  2. Added snow to my avatar, forum does not support this :(

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    2. Pampers


      it's the same as this http://imgur.com/QZdnKxb

      maybe i need to save it out with some different settings?

    3. Pampers


      Fixed it! The image size was too big, maximum width is 130px!

    4. Thrik
  3. Where are Klein and Kendhrin?

    1. Furyo


      Klein left the game industry, and is seldom seen around Mapcore these days. Actually come to think of it, I don't see him much on Facebook either. I miss my Kleineh :(

    2. kleinluka


      oh hai there. I'm rejoining the industry in April. I have not died or anything :D


      love you guys <3

  4. Added some goats, just walking around doing goat things.

  5. The fact that I only saw two people on my way to work, and was completely alone in the office, I determined it was a holiday in Sweden today

  6. Thrik! we need gfycat support: http://gfycat.com/about only then can [HP] post the whole alien series in one gif

    1. knj


      OMG what a stupid kid LOL

    2. Thrik


      It's a good idea, I'll look into how to integrate it seamlessly when I can.

    3. Pampers
  7. Think I'm brewing on a cold

  8. hit up lemonparty.org for some retro normal baking techniques

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