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  1. Nothing too special. Some squares with a normal and specularmap. Normal and spec are not final. I have to tweak both textures to add some irregularity and variety. Reference:
  2. Updatetime. Most of the puzzles are still missing but thats my mistake. i like the design phase a bit more so i often set the "lame" stuff at the end. I know my work flow is flawed because every change I make in the end can result in mayor optical changes :-( Also these areas are not pollished in any way. its the sheer size of this map ... Well less then 3 weeks to go...
  3. i suggest make everything you want on a cube and then use the speriphy (model ) modifier. this way your uvwmap will shaped in a perfect rectangle and you still have your round object. (in 3DS MAX)
  4. I found a style I like. This Scene is lacking of details, env_fog, physics props and overlays. Its only a test to find the right visual style for my tunnels.
  5. it's basicly a Half-Life 2 (ep1 and ep2 are included) singleplayer contest. I want to use old underground Facility connected by these tunnels. Much like the Cheyenne Mountain Complex but more hl2 ish way.
  6. Made for the Mappingcontest over at interlopers.
  7. what kind of screenshots? A opened WWT window in 3dsmax or finished work. For instance I used WWT to convert this structure:
  8. I just want to make sure by finding out you mean using the Arch Tool included in Hammer? https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Arch_Properties
  9. i love the model, the animation, those sound effects and the particle effects! Great work!
  10. TermInator525

    [cs:go] De_Telerad

    My2Cents as far as i can see: The sky is very bright, your map is dark. (what is your light_environment set to? It should be at least at 400 and in the color of the sky) Your yellow light is too much. Use a more desaturated version. Also when you use a yellow light, use a yellow light source. As seen in the first Picture. You used a yellow light but the Lamp is obviously white. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/469792325941858432/C56B5FF6D7E9C32010A2FA906E7B9795FA6439EA/637x358.resizedimage All your office-lights are floating below the ceiling. This model is concave, place it in the ceiling or at least put a brushed border on the side of the lamp. Also place / add env_cubemaps. Without cubemaps all the geometry reflections are disabled. (ofc you have to build the cubemaps afterwards ingame). I like some of your geometry but you can work a bit more on your z-axis. For instance add vents to break up your scene.
  11. as a noscript user i find it a bit irretating that your portfolio needs all these json files. Or let me rephrase this: If i disable js i have a blank white page. Below is the quote noscript gives me:
  12. It's my first weapon model (ever) I made. it took round about 6hrs for this highpolygon model with floating geometry (normal map). Its a bit long but my last model i made is several months old. I also want to unwrap and texture the weapon (lowpolygon version).
  13. i like the changes. looks familiar (i know its a port / vietcong remake). I'm not so sure about your greenish looks of your map. My guess is: It will be hard to see the players (especially if they have green clothing). Maybe you can break the look of this mountain a bit. its too unified atm.
  14. you can disable mipmapping in the texture also you can provide your own mipmaps. Never used this feature though.
  15. all what i can see is a large plane. Maybe you want to add some higher and lower terrain
  16. Where did you apply? Maybe the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin? If your answer is yes and you are from germany (at least understand the german language) I might have a video for you.
  17. i added a texture / uvwmap and some minor details. i would say it takes another 2-5hrs to finish this helmet
  18. i had some time. Rendered with vray. took me round about 5hrs (including the rendersettings).
  19. I updated my 4hrs Map it now Includes the following things: + added spawning-rooms for both teams + added Overview + added soundscapes (Sounds) + added custom models and sky + added wooden covers + added Decals / Overlays! yay ~ changed the brightness of the map ~ changed a few spawning positions ~ changed the team skins (visibility) ~ edited / optimized all Lightmaps I also made some custom models and a custom sky for this map. Feedback appreciated, http://steamcommunit...s/?id=146388906
  20. Hi there, i want to show you two projects. One made yesterday the other thing were just laying around for a longer time (at least a few months). Both available in the Steam Workshop: Dustfloor (name and layout by "Matrix") made for an older speedmapping competition and my old personal cs:go playground. Thats said I don't like the layout or the gameplay and i don't have time to finish things. Soo better than nothing: Download and more Screenshots: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=141719933 Drainage also made for a very small (only two persons) speedmapping contest. It took me 4hrs to finish the map and another 45min to compile and upload he whole thing. Its still unfinished but I think its the best i could do within the given time. HDR, Soundscapes, Decals are missing. Gameplaywise i would change some spots but the rules are that we both are not allowed to change the maps until next week. Download and more Screenshots: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=146388906
  21. as an easter egg for our computer animation. (stock 3dsmax teecup tweaked)
  22. use the wireframe parameter. its easier to see the lines. -> mat_wireframe 1 or 2 will help. You need to set sv_cheats to one of course.
  23. It's the first "human like" head i've ever made. It took me one day and a lot of tweaking to get the head at this stage. I used a concept art made for our computer animation. I don't know if i will ever finish this head because i used it to study a technique... I also made this room (also for the ca). Its for a night scene in an older villa. Props like the childs bed (mentioned a view pages before that) are missing. I've used the vray Renderer in version 2.3 for 3DSMax 2013.
  24. use more displacement. For example make every single step with two displacement faces. Bend the middle a bit and make it nonsolid. After that you can and should add for instance a playerclip brush over it. It looks smoother but is no gamebraker. It would be also nice if you use sprites for the ground. Give everything more volume. Also tweak the fog.
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