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  1. Haven't been here for a few years! Hello again, MapCore!
  2. alright. this must be simple for a decent HL2 mapper. i've searched the interwebs but didnt find a tutorial on this. i'm making a nova prospekt style mod and i need to put the overwatch voice messages in my maps. how do i do that? i've tried experimenting with a few entities but didnt come up with anything. thx in advance for any hints.
  3. I remember the incident with gamer55 who informed everyone on the channel about his death in a car accident and then logged in as skrufuls to mock at us. I hope this is also a joke, but is so, it's in a really bad taste! Watah was a cool guy. He was able to cut the shit and talk without the arogance and sarcasm all of you have (well, not all but many do).
  4. i've just read deatails about 10D at steve's digicams and... dude, this is a fvcking amazing piece of gear!!! real pro stuff! learn to use it and you'll have really pro photos. read some basics about photography on the web (ie the speed vs aperture vs sensitivity triangle issue) and exercise!
  5. pic 1 sky - a bit noisy pic 2 - burnt sky!!! use the histogram in your camera to assist you. i'm sure you've got it. set exposure for the sky pic 3 - good pic 4 kid - ok pic 5 kids - underexposed pic 6 kids - ok pic 7 kids - ok pic 8 - burnt!!! again, use histogram info pic 9 - ok
  6. adobe premiere is quite easy but if you really dont want to waste your time on learning video editing, use Sony Vegas. v8 is the latest, i believe, but last time i checked it, it was some beta so you might end up using v7 (but it's still just perfect for editing and runs a bit faster than premiere). cheers
  7. Who is this guy MappingGuru anyway? Do we know him?
  8. istockphoto dreamstime stock.xchng shutterstock etc etc. just look up "stock photo" in google
  9. i'm not going to book a hotel room. since only two days (and one night between them), i'll probably have a nap at the place where we meet, or just wander around copenhagen at night to see the city, like i did in NYC. anyways, the biggest problem for me is the price to get there. anyone knows a cheap way to get to copenhagen from UK and back? flights are at least Ł60 if i book it now. prob #2 is that i want to be sure for the date, cuz rebooking the ticket will be too expensive. prob #3 - weather. i prefer its march, cuz if i wander around the city i dont want to freeze there. also, where would it take place exactly (i mean the building)? will there be a place to have a nap? will there be access to teh internets? suggestions about what we could do: 1. drink a bit of vodka 2. pro mappers could show us their techniques for mapping - not necessarily on a projector. there will prolly be so few people, we could see it on a laptop monitor 3. can watch speed demos / pro gaming videos / games previews / lolcats / pr0n 4. drink some vodka 5. anything else you want to show/tell anyone 6. drink vodka or maybe beer 7. can order a striptease girl
  10. i'm on... if i only have cash and time when you decide to meet.
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