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  1. Some of that looks done. Maybe you just can't accept that whole "art is never finished only abandoned" thing?
  2. Ya there are alot of "mods" that go nowhere past weapon models and character concepts. I really like their movement stuff. Looks like Chopium joined the team. I emailed him, and hope others do too.
  3. Hey I just looked at yor portfolio and it's beautiful. It does seem a bit disorganized, I liked environments and there were random props thrown in to. To build on the "in a game engine thing" your environments, with few exceptions, are not environments. For exampe, the building at the top of this thread is super cool but it's just a single building out of context. That's common and valuable for portfolios I guess, but it would be nice to see an environment with that level of quality that is a full environment. There is the subway (kind of ugly tbh) and the sci-fi room (really pretty tbh) and the rest are environmental props. That building is freaking awesome though, I would love to see you make that a whole village square/center kind of thing. Then I could look at it and be like "damn thats pretty."
  4. Yea I understand you. Those webs can get really tangled. On the other extreme something like a button to open a door I'd find needing to write code obtuse. That's one thing that's better to have than not I think, and for many types of games having it simplifies the making process. For many types of games I can't see why you would use zero kismet if it's available. I look at it like materials, I prefer nodal materials/shaders to parm lists any day. So for you do you ever miss it in Unity?
  5. Don't you know that artistic beauty is measured in number of shader instructions and polygons?
  6. yea make me the programmer j/k, but seriously they are so cute and cuddly why wouldn't you want to make them happy One thing hasn't been said: all the great stuff that UDK provides is gonna be stuff that a small indie team new to the tools are not even going to use. Subtract Unity features from UDK features and you are left with heaps of wiz-bang that you don't need and don't understand. Please explain to me, what is wrong with Kismet, or why you think it is a hand-holder? I think it is intended for one-time or level-specific stuff, prototypes, and linking together different systems quickly like in a set-piece. Scripts that take trivial memory/cycles. Then there's UnrealScript (proprietary is sad) which is meant for highly complex stuff, game wide scripts, scripts that get called often. More complicated stuff that's compiled and more optimized. I really like node editors because you can see everything all at once, organize, and they are easier to learn for everyone.
  7. I hope you are actual ghost, or fighting ghost? That could make the series epic again. You will be shooting and say "get out of here zombie goast" and then ride motocycle into the sunset.
  8. I don't know anything about the industry and people in it but thinking "Epic" has always made me think "Cliffy B"... to me this is like wtf. However I would expect a rich designer to not have such an ugly house even if it is "nice" like wtf. The rooftop plants are a nice touch though.
  9. This game...is so much fun... and so awesome... and...sdjksdsfsdfcbv
  10. Well this is neat! I have been thinking of moving to Unity lately. BSP takes a lot of flak sometimes because the technology behind it is outdated, but who doesn't want to build the level in the level editor, and who doesn't want to make walls out of walls? I really like the way your manipulation tools look to function. Radiant made my mind break back when I was new.
  11. White is the color of life and joy!
  12. I'm drunk so no real preference but here's the thing: Left side: ------------ -looks like a cool thing that's different and new and it's cool ( + unique?) -red --subtle --purplish tones (ambient?) that create neat-o contrast Right side: -------------- -looks the same as left side except fucked up -yellow --super duper too yellow -third shot has more contrast for more interest Both ------ -fog settings completely destroy depth perception ----washed out It looks like you wanted to do red but weren't sure and needed feedback. The red side is quite washed out, the yellow side has contrast and depth. Make the contrast and depth with red and you are the winner.
  13. Someone once said that art asks questions and designs answers them. This piece dares to ask "what does it mean to be orange?" and then boldly answers "255 94 31" I intend for people to get sick of it around the same time I release beta 5. Actually that would be pretty sweet if people got sick of it before then since it would mean they played it for more than thirty seconds.
  14. Koth_Capitulation_b4! ------------------------------- The definitive "orange" map. Originally built relatively quickly for the KoTH contest, I have spent a couple days over the past week polishing it up. I plan on returning again to this for even more artistic improvement (and maybe some minor layout/gameplay changes) but am otherwise going to leave this as is for the foreseeable future. If you have a play or a look let me know what you think. This map has never been play-tested, maybe sometime soon? >>Download at TF2Maps.net<< >>Download at TF2Maps.net<< Changelog: ---------------- B4: -raised bridge 32 units -some artpass'ing -redid optimization and greatly improved culling -improved clipping -fixed CP trigger size -low level tweaks to movement possibilities inside the space B3: -admin approved contest submission fixes: --fixed lighting on blu side --fixed visualizers on blu side B2: -original contest submission: -fast artpass B1: -made smaller -finalized layout -a quick 3 person test A1 -> A5: -internal sketch versions -one quick 4 person test
  15. Froyok, that's really sweet looking! There are two criticisms I would give you, 1. Everything looks very 'mottled', that is, the bark and stones are splotchy and that's kind of weird. 2. Since it's a 'floating island' of stuff you can't really create a great 'composition' in screenshots. Could really use a backdrop. --- After 'finishing' my entry for the koth contest I was too tired to post the resulting screens. Here are a few views: I did the art, lighting, and optimization passes in 18 hours. The optimization I got hung up on some sillyness and errors so lost quite a few hours there before I saw the obvious thing to do, but that's ok. This is not a 'finished' map, but now that it's in this state I am thinking very strongly about going back and finishing it after my other maps I'm working on.
  16. Starting artpass. In 18 hours this will be beautiful.
  17. Looks pretty sweet but if it has rockstar social privacy invader I won't be playing it.
  18. Ya it probably won't, but I dun care! It's my first weapon and I wanted to do it. Love that game!
  19. At first I was going to swear loudly with many question marks and then I checked the consumer price index and cost of living stats in Norway. Still, you are doing a hell of a lot better than most people I know.* *although most people I know are quite poor
  20. Very nice, I like it alot. The plaster looks good but the color variation on the edges, I wonder what that supposed to be. The red outline. I guess it's painted on but if it's supposed to be aging or wear it doesn't look right.
  21. depends on the genre/specific game. fighting game: art. fps: design.
  22. I liked D2 alot so I played some of this game and it was fun and then I tried to keep playing with my brother but his level was too high so he made a new character and we had to do all the parts I had done over again and that was ok but by the time we got where I had left off it was bed time and then the next day I had stuff to do and so on and so forth. Someone should make a game like this that can be played with other people even if everyone can't devote a thousand hours a week.
  23. Skype dingle at 3am on sunday sucks. Ehh I wouldn't really be suprised. I am, like, an adult that has had a couple jobs and gone to school and spent time with other human beings, even if I haven't been in a studio in this field. I said it's easier, more efficient, to communicate. The mesh exporting example is exactly what I mean. Ever needed to just point to something? "Let's make it like that thing over there except more like 'whoah'" makes sense but not in text or video chat. This entire thread would be a ten minute conversation 'irl', but it's weeks of back and forth and my point wasn't clear even though I tried to be but I could have written paragraphs to be more clear but who wants to read that? Anyway, it all sounds very nice to be in a studio. You wouldn't script an epic battle inside a closet meant for hidden items. You don't cook in the washroom. You segment the environment based on function and experience type.
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