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  1. Alright, I thought it was in this talk: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1021836/Blurring-Separation-Between-Concept-and But it is not, I must have mixed up things together... So now I have no idea of where I saw that. (The talk is still super interesting to watch if you missed it)
  2. Hello guys ! I am trying to find this old video, I think it was a GDC talk (Not sure, maybe it was not at GDC) about automation in video game production. (I would actually like the maybe pitch the idea to my leads, as it seem a very interesting process) One of the tech described was a process that would take a screenshot every day of a pre-determined set of cameras in every level of the game, allowing to see a history of the progress, and also easily spot some bugs (When 2 screenshots are too different, the new one is flagged to be reviewed). I guess it can also be useful for producers to see environment production time, and probably also to analyse what could have been done better, postmortem. I think it was for one of the Halo remaster, but I am not sure at all, I tried to find it and could not find the video from my memory, so it is probably not Halo... It would be great if any of you has the url of this video stored in your bookmarks somewhere !
  3. Just a quick note, on http://www.jerryngoodwin.com/works-in-progress/ there is a typo in the title: "Tulais", you write it "Toulais" at the other places
  4. A new episode of Hitman was released a few days ago. Another cool video to watch about Hitman:
  5. A new trailer for the next episode released next week, my level, Sapienza:
  6. I really think the sunlight is way to saturated/colored yellow-orange. If you look at the reference, the light is close to white, which make sense at this time of day. The orange tone of the picture comes from the sand on the ground and in the air here and there, the buildings are not all tinted orange like they are in your scene. The sky is also grey, which brings some balance in the picture.
  7. It is highly inspired by some towns in La Spieza province in Italy, such as Vernazza, Manarola or Riomaggiore, part of an area called Cinque Terre. It is partially out, it is episodic. The first episode is out, then one new episode / location will be released every month, you can either buy all at once and get the episodes when they are released or buy them episode by episode. Or, if you don't like to wait for each episode, wait for all the mission to be released and buy the whole game then. There is a story, but this Hitman is more focused on the contracts themselves with a story progressing slowly in the background through each mission, than story driven like Absolution was.
  8. ng.aniki


    Hey, Who is this portfolio targeting ? If you plan to look for a new employer, this is how I read it: It's hard to know what you are or what you want to be. Do you want to be a level designer, an environment artist or even a game designer (as mentioned in the contact page) ? If you plan on working in a big studio (anything non indie) you will have to choose one field and focus on it, in my opinion. The employer will look to fill in an open position, and this open position has a title, he will be looking for something specific, if you are a bit of everything, he will probably look for someone more specialized. It is not bad to mention the things that you have done in the other fields, but your title should be clear. I guess that having many hats on could be a fit for the indie scene, but I don't know about about it. Also, with all your different title, it's hard to know what you did in the screenshots in the "Personal" page Detail what you did (Or remove mention of other job titles on your website). If you did all, and you want to showcase the art, you need to show finished environment, and remove all that is WIP (Blockout, first pass, etc). It gives the impression that you are not capable of finishing your scenes. No one will come back every now and then to see how your page has been updated. Put your work that is finished, or don't put it in your portfolio, and send it to potential employer only when all the WIP work you want to showcase is finished.
  9. I really like your video about the counter-strike map, really interesting to know more about your process. It's a very good point in my opinion. About your Work In Progress: -If there is no content at all, remove the whole picture from your portfolio, or make it hidden to the visitor. -If there is content, either remove it completely if you are not satisfied by the quality, or replace the big black picture by a nice one. No one should see those pictures: No one will come regularly on your portfolio to see if you added something for those black vignettes.
  10. Could you share the inspiration concept arts ?
  11. It's review of the first episode. Part of them could play to the second one, but there seem to be some press embargo about it.
  12. Thank you ! I spent a lot of time on this level with my colleagues They are called "Opportunities", they are either ways to kill the target, to access some otherwise inaccessible situations/location, or they get to change the loops of the game by affecting the life of the NPCs one way or another. There are 3 settings for those "Opportunities": (I don't remember their exact names) -Complete: For the beginners, are are showed where it starts and each steps is hinted to you -Partial/Minimal: Gives you just a few hints -Disabled: No hints given to you, you need to open your eyes and ears. I also think you can disable a big parts of the visual help in the HUD, like the map and so on. (Note that I am neither a game designer or a level designer, so this is what I grasped for my occasional short playthrough looking for bugs, hehe)
  13. Meh, it's always changing a bit. Plus for a game where you see the character from the back 90% of the time, I don't really see that as something really really important.
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